Hypocrisy in France; a social standard?

Dieudonne_M_BalaArrested: French humorist Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala wrote: ‘I feel like Charlie Coulibaly’, in reference to magazine Charlie Hebdo and kosher deli terrorist Amedy Coulibaly)

What kind of hypocritical idiocy is this?  WTF, France?  Truly, WTF?  The world is incensed over what occurred in Paris and one of the reasons is the violation of the fundamental concept, “freedom of speech”.  Absolutely Dieudonne’s apparent anti-Semitism is distasteful but regardless, his comments need to be protected with as much zeal as is being given Hebdo Charlie.  He has the right to an opinion, simply because it is politically incorrect is no reason for an arrest.  This is what I would expect in Saudi Arabia, not in France; a country seen by many as the birthplace of present day democracy.  The land of Voltaire.  This was a kneejerk, ill-conceived plan.  This is why there is democratic process, to protect people from government kneejerk reactions.  This is why it, now, appears that France is no better than the countries and cultures that Charlie Hebdo held up to ridicule.

My first reaction to M’Bala’s arrest was shock and dismay but then, as I started to put my thoughts down, I remembered – France also banned the veil.  I wonder what Voltaire would have to say about his homeland now?  But then again, it was in the not-all-that-distant past when Vichy ruled the country and Klaus Barbi allowed the murder of French citizens and children.

France, at this point, has no claim to being a democratic society, not when they employ Police de la Pensée tactics.  Cartoonists lambast with art, comedians lambast with words.  Dieudonne and his fans may find his material funny, they are FREE to do so, just as fans of Charlie Hebdo are free to do the same.

Way to go, France; I am still Charlie but I find myself forced to defend Dieudonne M’Bala as well.



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