Get Over It!

VoltaireYes, I am still going on about it. Ask yourself why an inconsequential suburban, middle aged woman is so enraged, so focused on a topic that doesn’t include make-up, clothes or vacation spots (none of which are of importance to me, but you should get the inference). Why should what happened in a country or in countries so far from my home be of any impact?

BECAUSE it IS of direct consequence to all of us. Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu, Jews, Muslims, Pagans or whatever colour you have painted on your psyche – we are all under attack. All of us. We can’t afford to be lackadaisical about this assault. We can’t afford to make excuses for what happened in Paris. We are dead wrong when we try to find a way to blame the victims, to ascribe some sort of justification for what went on.

While the world focused on Paris and the attack on Western freedom – in Nigeria, as many as 2 000, mainly the elderly, women and children were slaughtered by Islamic militants who call themselves Boko Haram.

In Saudi Arabia, a blogger has been sentenced to 1 000 lashes for having the temerity to speak his mind, on his own blog.

These are not random acts of violence, perpetrated by individual lunatics. These are structured assaults on, what should be basic human rights. The world stood steadfast against the Nazis and now, the world must again, come together and stand against this disease. It is, very much, a disease and as we’ve all witnessed, it is spreading. This is the rot that is extremism and we all have the duty, as human beings, to fight it wherever and whenever it rears its demonic face. This disease has chameleon capabilities – currently, it is finding its easiest path through Islam or what rather a glamour of Islam but this disease has tentacles that have reached all over the world, in different guises.

It is in the Aryan nation who would see non-Aryans deprived of their freedom, of their rights and their very lives.

It is in China, where a government suppresses billions with draconian laws and barbaric punishments.

In Israel, where rights and freedoms of ordinary Palestinians have been removed.

It is in Russia, where the government is moving to suppress and assimilate sovereign nations.

It is in Canada, where the Quebec government has, effectively, removed the freedom to speak, live and work in English.

Focusing on the Islamic world is correct but we can’t ignore the abuse of human rights wherever it’s found – even if this is, uncomfortably, close to home. It is never right to suppress freedom of speech, freedom of expression. There is no justification for it, the least of all, the belief in some mythical omnipotent deity.
Obviously, governments are impotent and are unable to protect us. By and large, we need to be protected from government. It is up to us, up to everyone to ensure freedom is held to the highest priority. Standing up for freedom is never easy and can exact a heavy cost but the price of doing nothing is even higher.

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