Get Outta My Way If You Can’t Handle The Heat!

damn straightI’m annoyed. The meme struck a nerve somehow, particularly in light of all the women coming forward with strength and acknowledging a rape, an assault, molestation.  It expressed what I have been feeling ever since that Ghomeshi guy began to try to justify his brutality.

Nobody takes my personal power away from me. Not man, not another woman. Let the gods help anyone who tries. I learned a valuable lesson; we are not victims unless we choose to wallow in victimhood. Men are not more powerful than are we, as women. Not unless we decide to play the game that way. I do not. An assault does not take away my power; it lessens the power of the assaulter and simply serves as another brick my foundation. It won’t break me. Sexual assault and harassment has never broken me. It only made me stronger. It made me realize who the weak one was in the power play and it sure as hellfire wasn’t me.  They were not the threat, the power – I was and they were afraid, striking out in the only way they could.  Using the cowards’ way.

I am still living and breathing so the attempts to remove that threat simply proves my power is more than was theirs.

Yes, they name weapons after us. They name ships and powerful vehicles after women. Why is that? Because we are that powerful or we can be, if we choose to step up to the plate and take what is ours. They name storms after us. If you believe in the bible, it was a woman who brought Adam down to his knees – both times, as Lilith and as Eve. Keeping in the religious vein – the Irish Triple Goddess – the Morrighan; the ultimate in the power feminine. Hecate. Another badass. In the real world? Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Rosa Parks and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. These women did not bow. They refused to be victims of their gender.

These are true icons – not the twerking likes of Mylie Cyrus, nor the ridiculous caricatures of the feminine with saline bags surgically implanted, deadly bio-toxins injected into their faces…these are not the tools of the powerful woman.

Blaming others for life’s failures is not the stuff of a powerful individual.

Taking your mistakes, owning them, turning them into lessons on which to build character and personal strength – those are the tools of the powerful. We all have a choice, stand and deliver or fall to our knees and plead. I choose to stand. No one will knock me to my knees. No one will take away what is mine to own, personal power.

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