Send ‘Em Back Where They Came From…

Bibeau martin-couture-rouleau manson



Small problem with that statement; the two murderers were Canadian….they were where they came from.

I refuse to sit, silently, by while Canadians of Muslim faith are vilified on social networks and in vitriolic conversations around the water cooler. This was not the fault of Islam, nor even the fault of ISIS. These were two disenfranchised Canadian men. And not the first to lash out through violence and death; Ecole Polytechnique – Marc Lepine – did we call for all men to be punished because of this misogynist? Denis Lortie – the Quebec parliament shooter; did we call for all ex-military to be sent back to where they came from? Military bases….

The problem is the disenfranchised. The problem is why so many men…from Quebec coincidently, feel so powerless, so helpless that they must arm and kill the innocent. There is where the government should focus – what is causing young men and women to seek out radicalization.
Charles Manson and his family killed more people than did Bibeau (Hall) and Couture – the reason? Disenfranchised young people manipulated by an evil man.

In the case of the radical Islamic sects – there are multiple evil men. They are NOT Muslim, they are not freedom fighters or heroes, they are psychopathic madmen with delusions of future grandeur. Nothing more. They are posers. Imposters to thrones throughout the Islamic world.

It is up to our society to ensure the as few of our young people as possible are left feeling alone, powerless and without true direction in life. These were not happy, well-adjusted men who just snapped; these were sad, fringe dwellers who sought recognition from anyone, anywhere and the radical members of a sect, in this case, Muslim – in name only, took them in and used them for their own ends. Not unlike cult leaders throughout history. Happy, contributing members of society do not join cults. Sad, unhappy, unsuccessful in life people join cults – they need to feel like they belong, that they are worthy of recognition.

Before you board the “more powers to the government” band wagon; please remember that this government already wields far too much power over our daily lives. Giving them more will not stop marginalization but may, in fact, increase it. The more personal power, privacy, right of thought, speech and action removed or monitored, the more likely it will be that rebellion will be born. The more the disenfranchised will feel themselves pushed away. As it is, a good number of Canadians believe our privacy to be overly controlled by CSIS, the RCMP and police; e-mails are not sacrosanct, even our text conversations are open to monitoring. Our social networking, the clubs or organizations to which we belong are already easily watched – not that the Girl Guides are in any imminent danger from Men In Black but I’m sure you get my drift.

As for sending “them” back where “they” came from? Need I really remind anyone that we were all once “they”. We all have ancestors that started somewhere else and left that somewhere else, most often, because we sought freedom, a safe haven. Yet, there are those who would remove this dream from others. Inexcusable. Get your head out of your nether regions and try using the grey matter for thought as opposed to using as a place for a white pointy hood.

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  1. Possibly your best blog ever. Thank you.

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