Ouija, Youth or You’re Sooo Machuuuur!

OuijaNew movie coming out – Ouija. Pfffff. Invest in Irwin Toys if you’re in Canada; I see their stocks rising and I don’t need a Ouija board or crystal ball… Teenagers everywhere will jump on board. (No pun intended but welcomed none the less). I see a lot of trouble coming and again, no Ouija required.

To the god believers, I’m an atheist because I don’t believe in god. To the atheists, I am an agnostic because I say, to both sides, “I need proof.” I believe in science and I believe in experience. I believe what I see and know to be true. And I know that Ouija is a bad idea.  Bad, bad, bad idea.

I have known more than a few self-proclaimed practitioners of witchcraft, spiritualism and folks who like life on the dark side; folks who have deluded themselves into believing they “know” how to use the Ouija. Malarkey.

You see…”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy.” What goes on beyond our current ken of energy, of life and death, would be one of those undreamt things.

Let’s look at this logically for a second or two and presume that there are unseen forces around us. Unseen forces that do not walk and breathe. Unseen forces that do not live and die. So, they’ve presumably been around for a while. Forces that are neutral; good or bad depending on the circumstances. By the nature of their “longevity”, these forces would be far more intelligent and powerful than even Uncle Bugger (Aleister Crowley) could have imagined. (Who, by the way, tried to control forces and failed…miserably.)

Forces that would be made up of energy. You know, the stuff that could potentially destroy cities, continents and presumably the universe should things go awry. Now, think on that for a second and factor in the egos of the aforementioned dabblers of these energies. Personally? I would call them dangerously naïve, if not outright stupid.

The Ouija board is a door; beyond that door are things that we have yet to discover and not necessarily good things. In fact, over the years, I’ve collected data – hearsay and personal experience, with regard to attempts to contact that/those which should, probably, never be contacted by a thinking individual.  My conclusion based on that data?  Leave the shit alone.  Walk away…take up knitting.

Imagine leaving all your doors and windows open at night…wide open. You may be okay in the morning, on the other hand, you may not. Would an intelligent person behave thusly? (Rhetorical) This is the correct analogy for the Ouija.

You may use it and nothing happens or you may use it once and suffer the consequences for days, perhaps years. Looking at the latter scenario; a negative force – evil, if I may use the word – sees an open conduit to continue on its way, collecting negativity like a snowball down a hill. Its existence is negative and to increase the force of the negativity, it creates more negativity and rolls along in this manner by attaching itself to an environment or person in order to facilitate movement. There are no energy cleansers like Comet or Mr. Clean; it has attached and there it will remain until all the potential for energy collection is spent or a more attractive energy source comes into range.

I used the Ouija with my mother and a couple of friends, 45 years ago. What happened taught me a valuable lesson and I have never touched Ouija board since. I would not even allow one in my home. I will not be in an area where one is being used. Now, I’ve been party to a large number of practices involving positive and negative energy collection/summoning but these were focused, planned although in retrospect, foolhardy. The Ouija, by its nature, cannot be guaranteed to maintain a focus or stick to a plan. Use it and you will, perhaps, be hit with a cost that you could never have imagined.

Believe this or not; your choice. You will not be my problem should something unfortunate occur as a result of ignorance and arrogance. I decided, years ago, should anyone get themselves into trouble by fooling around with energies? I would walk away. I won’t help. This kind of stupidity doesn’t deserve help. If a lesson must be learned the hard way? If caution is ignored? Not my problem.

Consider Isaac Newton and physics before you go off and attempt the ill-advised; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This means, for every action or interaction of a force, there is an equal and opposite force at work. Forces always come in two’s. Equal and opposite. You never know which force may end up getting the upper hand, at any given time.  Is your ego really worth taking this kind of chance?


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2 responses to “Ouija, Youth or You’re Sooo Machuuuur!

  1. From what I have been taught, the entities that are likely to come through when you use an Ouija board are not the most elevated of spirits. In fact, they are more likely to be analogous to the type of people you would not invite to a party because they might trash your house.

    But, because there is now a movie about Ouija boards, their popularity is now liable to increase. And the people who are most likely to use them are unlikely to accept any advice from their elders. After all, what have the older generations given them? Endless wars and climate change. Just the type of things to inspire confidence among the young.

    • We’ve also given them the Internet, understanding of our responsibility to the planet, cures and remission treatments for killer diseases. Our contributions are myriad. If only one person takes a moment to contemplate the ill-advised use of that stupid board? Then I’m satisfied.

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