pigletMake no mistake; I am not a vegan. I am an omnivore. I eat meat. I love steak. I eat bacon. I drink milk and munch on cheese. I am not an egg fan but I do eat them on occasion.
Is it hypocrisy to love animals and still eat meat? I don’t believe it is. It IS hypocrisy to claim to love animals yet stand idly by and allow behaviour, such as this, continue in this day in age.

These Little Piggies

This is not an anomaly or the result of the actions of a cruel few. This type of abuse is industry wide and is a constant; not a once in a while thing. I have seen it. I know folks in the industry and it is common place so don’t let the CEO’s tell you otherwise. They lie. To protect themselves and their cash flow; they lie. They threaten and they fire. All to protect their cash flow.

body slamI don’t believe in PETA; they are as bad, if not worse than those people and organizations against which they protest.
The meat, poultry and dairy industry ignores them for the most part as any thinking individual can see, quite plainly, they are as corporate and as phoney as any corporate entity.

So how do we – Mr./Mrs./Ms. Everybody – force the meat/poultry and dairy industries listen? Us, the grassroots – without money for powerful lobbies, advertisements? We, the people, without the desire to take part in ridiculous media grabbing stunts? How can we make a difference?
Stop buying meat and meat products for 1 week – 7 days. Nothing, nada – not even a Big Mac, not a hot dog at a hockey game or a meatball with spaghetti. I’m sorry for the service staff who may be impacted but the industries don’t listen unless their cash flow is impacted. Imagine if the majority of us did not buy a meat product for 1 week? The impact would be tremendous; from the producers, to the slaughterhouses, to the transport companies, to the grocery store, restaurants and fast food outlets.

We do have more power than we realize. One organized push will be enough to make our point. One organized push to these industries may also make other industries who have, thus far, proven themselves to not care about the welfare of consumers, sit up and take notice.  Their gravy train runs on our good will.

We have more power than the politicians with their hands outstretched for favours. We have more power than those CEO’s, their corner offices and Armani suits. We put them in those corner offices with the power of OUR pocketbooks as cash strapped as they may be. It is we – you and I – that permit them to enjoy the lifestyles to which they have become far too accustomed.

1 week – no meat. No bologna, no mock chicken. No subs or pizza. No Whoppers or Big Macs. No steak. No bacon. 1 week, to show that we do care about what we eat and how it gets to our table. No animal should be treated in the manner illustrated in the video but they are, every minute, of every day.

Boycott all meat purchases for one week – Nov. 17th to Nov. 23rd. Don’t give the industries time to prepare. Hit them hard and hit them fast.

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