MordorThis is a new game from the creative minds of Monolith through Warner Bros. It is awesome. I see a lot of sleep deprivation in my future. Now, on to the game…

The usual set-up of the plot is okay – it isn’t spectacular but it is fun and interesting. I won’t go into too much because it will give away some of the important game premise.

Your character (Talion) can morph between human and an elf wraith (Celebrimbor). As an elf wraith, your vision is improved and various characters/items are highlighted. The game settings or rather action settings are pretty standard but less complex (annoying).  This makes the game accessible to everyone, from novice gamers to the total fan-boys.

One of the most interesting additions to game play is the creation of the Nemesis system. If you die at that hands of a particular enemy? That enemy will then go on to increase in power and attributes. They, in turn, will battle other beings and if victorious? Again, they will increase in power. This makes for interesting diversions in the main missions; seeking out these characters and wiping them out before they become too much of a challenge.

The main missions are the usual but interesting none the less. Health is gain through chopping down herbs along the way. There are various battle moves available depending on which character is in play – Talion or Celembrimbor. There are finishing moves as well that come in very handy.

The game is very graphic intensive, I downloaded through Steam and this took forever to accomplish, regardless of my download speed. Then again, I was pretty antsy to try the game. In order to prevent buffering issues (game stutter), I would recommend that you utilize a game booster. I use Razer. Ensure you don’t have too many programs running in the background. Disable as many as you can.

All in all, this is a great game. I am really stoked about it and this Nemesis system. Worth the money and worth the hours/days/months you will probably end up dedicating in the future.

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