Gotta Place For You To Put My Bucket or Were You Born An Asshat?

are_you_an_anti_icerNever fails; someone puts out something good (in this case phenomenal in scale) and the asshat brigade puts down their Starbucks double soy latte frothy or whatever it is the “trying too hard to be cool” crowd is drinking these days and start opening their mouths..

Mind you, they have no viable alternatives or even an original thought (as a general rule). What can you do though? These types will do whatever it takes to draw attention to themselves; it is kind of sad really. How insecure must you be to attack people doing something worthwhile and having a little fun in doing so? Rhetorical really, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I do care that the Ice Bucket Challenge is a philanthropic gangbuster and I am happy to have been a part of it.

What does it matter how this money is raised? The point is, much needed fundraising is exceeding expectations and awareness of the disease has been heightened like never before. The disease has the spotlight and through the spotlight, the families as well as those stricken with the disease are feeling the support of not only their immediate circle or the community circle but the whole damn nation.

You’ve probably heard variations on this petty theme, “People should be donating without all this stupidity!” Yeah – well, they DO donate but this brilliant campaign not only encourages people to donate but allows laughter in the face of a terminal illness.

It allows the families and the patients to have a little cheer enter their lives. It shows them, in a very real way, that the world has not shut them out, that their cities, their provinces, their country is full of people wanting to put that smile on their faces and have some fun in the process.

Ah, but to the “wannabe too cool for words” – this very public show of support is too unseemly for cool such as they… Offering support to ALS patients and their families in this manner is just not important enough for them to climb down off their ivory towers. No, they would much prefer to be hunched over their spires, not unlike vultures…waiting for some sort of negative event so that they can start their cawing and show us all, how they are so much all of that and a bag of chips.

So to those “Kool Kids”, if you have an idea that can equal the boon of this campaign to the charity of your choice – then please, share your words of creative wisdom with the rest of us plebes. Show us how your plan can put a smile on the faces of stricken families. Show us the way to be as cool as you! What’s that? Speak a little louder, I can’t seem to hear those auditory pearls of wisdom… Ah, I see…you’ve got nothing.

Figured as much; so you know, if you don’t have a better plan? Shut, the hell, up. Just donate and keep your arrogant, pointless opinions to yourself.

As for Ice Bucket Challengers and nominees? You go! The ALS foundation thanks you and the families they support thank you. Give yourself props. You rule!

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