More Dangerous Than Ebola? Willful Ignorance

Every so often, my smugness at being a Canadian gets a shake. I like to believe Canada and its citizens are educated, intelligent and have successfully avoided the blockheaded, racist commentary we, so often, hear from our neighbours to the south. Yesterday was such a day.

Something was posted online, a stupid and IMO, absolutely ignorant meme with no positive message, at all. Not only was it offensive and mean-spirited, it could be further classified as defamation.  The man in the meme never made those comments and the content could, very well, impact his career and his reputation.

Here, take a look:

Don Cherry

Terrorist prisoner. The term is relative to the country, now isn’t it?  When this piece was posted, there were actually people who supported the view. Canadians.

Too bad Darwin is dead; he needed to re-work his theory. Not all members of this species have evolved.

Let’s look at the word – Terrorism. I can guarantee to you that no single race, creed or colour is found within that definition. I further guarantee to you that “raghead” is also not found within the definition of the word.

 ter·ror·ism [teruh-riz-uhm]  noun

1.  the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,especially for political purposes.

2.  the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

Terrorism – depends on which side of the bullet you’re on.  I’m absolutely sure that in the Middle East, the U.S. is viewed as a terrorist government, as drone planes fly and take out villages. Villages in countries far away and of no real threat to the U.S. except, of course, to Big Oil and it appears that this is the true government here and in the U.S.  Big Oil.

 Terrorism – North American interference in the affairs of sovereign nations. Violence used to intimidate the residents of Vietnam, of Korea.

 I wonder if the views condoned in this meme had even half a thought applied before posting?  I wonder, can terrorism be applied to the military of the West? Americans, Canadians, Brits or anyone else involved in military actions on foreign soil.

Would the hooking up of a Canadian soldier’s testicles to a car battery still be acceptable? The soldier would be a terrorist in the eyes of the citizens of that foreign country.   Or is it different because that soldier is from the West?  The Western world does not breed terrorists?

Terrorism is just as likely to wear a baseball cap as it is to wear a keffiyeh (the actual name of the headdress worn by some men of the Muslim faith). Timothy McVey, the author of the Oklahoma City bombing was, most decidedly, not a “camel shagger”.

 In Quebec, terrorism wore a French-Canadian face – very white, Catholic in background. People died and were injured by bombs planted in mailboxes. Schools and children were threatened. Not a “raghead” to be found in the bunch.

Then there were/are the KKK and their Canadian equivalents. Terrorists all.

So the great United States, with all its technology, must resort to torture in order to extract information? (And I’m sure most Western militaries have their own torture experts.) A medieval method of extracting information, often false, used by the barbarians of the Dark Ages. Perhaps all this hype about the technological advances of the various Western military forces is simply propaganda.

Really. If an ignorant raghead terrorist is able to beat our best unless horrendous physical pain is employed – exactly how advanced could we military/government be?  It is a well known fact that people will say anything under torture. 

Want to fight terrorism on all fronts, homegrown and those from abroad? Educate. Allow for some hope in the future. Terrorism is bred through gross inequality, through lack of education, through ignorance, through desperation. Condoning torture is also based in ignorance and lack of education. Bigotry is the child of ignorance which goes on to grow up to be terrorism. Stop Western companies from exploiting people in the Third World. Demand a little of the benefits reaped off the backs of the poor and the subjugated be returned, be invested in THEIR future. 

 In order for terrorism to flourish, there must be desperation, there must be despair and no hope.

In order for hatred and prejudice to breed its cancer in North America? Willful ignorance is required. A crime against society, in my view. A waste of the technology available. Technology those “ragheads” are willing to die to attain. Technology and knowledge that offers hope for the future. A future that the blockheads agreeing with the meme seem to take for granted.  Yes indeedy, terrorism is a relative term. 


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5 responses to “More Dangerous Than Ebola? Willful Ignorance

  1. Yes.

    I am increasingly seriously worried that this wilful ignorance will be the cause of something unstoppable that finishes us off as a species. And I don’t know what to do about it.

  2. Anonymous

    I am positive education is the key. However, none of it makes sense to me.
    In this day and age when the world has never been so small. When information and research and news so available. When we can literally look in on any part of the world with the tap of a finger to a keyboard. When our neighbours and friends and communities and nations have never been so diverse. Why has the world not grown and become better.
    We know better. Why aren’t we doing better?

  3. Skogs

    Lighten up. That is a hilarious meme. Our immigration screening is a joke. It is impossible to weed out a potential terrorist at the rate we are letting immigrants in. Why aren’t we doing better? because we keep letting people immigrate into Canada that do not hold Canadian values nor want to adapt to Canadian values.That breeds segregation, not integration. The entire world needs to just slow down and restrict global relocation.It the terrorist sleepers lurking in our country don’t get us, then some new virus will.

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