Paradise Lost

paradise lostMake no mistake; this is not going to be a facetious blog. I am trying, desperately, to make sense of this world and I’m failing – miserably.

Remember back to when you were a child. You’ve spent hours building something from Lego or creating some piece of artwork, maybe a sand castle on a beach and someone smashes it to smithereens. Senseless destruction of a work of your creation; cruel and unwarranted.

Look around now, present day to the destruction going on around us. Africa, the Middle East, the far East. The vast majority of this destruction of innocent lives, of buildings and creations are justified by invoking the words of their respective god; be that god the Holy Father, Yahweh or Allah.

I’m coming at this through rationale, if rationale can be employed for something so illogical. For the sake of argument, let’s just assume that a divine deity has created this world and all the things upon it. According to legend, created in His/Her own image, etc. etc.

A wonderful creation, this earth. A beautiful planet with wonders that can take away the breath and leave one speechless. Sparkling oceans, vast blue skies, jungles of green with creatures of such colour and this remarkable thing, man/woman kind; the latter a being capable of creating such beauty, of kindness unbound and a true testament to the creator.

But…and isn’t there always a “but”, also capable of cruelty that is also, unbound. Murder, rape, torture and brutality that has no equal in the natural world; the Crusades, the Inquisition, Hitler, Stalin, the Cambodian Killing Fields, Bosnia, Afghanistan. The everyday horrors that blaze across our newspapers, televisions and computer monitors; perhaps we shed a tear or feel a little more of our hearts breaking but knowing that the worst is yet to come, that tomorrow will bring another atrocity to cut us to our very soul.

Image, if you would, this Deity looking at his/her creation and seeing such senseless destruction done, in far too many cases, in his/her name; someone, somewhere deciding that he/her had the right to interpret words. A man or woman, so arrogant as to believe themselves to know the mind of a god. And that this god, this creator wished for destruction, for death and for grief. This creator wants to witness a mother as she holds her dying child, blown apart by a rocket or a bomb or a bullet. This creator demanding that his/her creations be annihilated. Rendered to ash. Stomped upon like that long ago sand castle.

It makes no sense and yet, millions follow those who adhere to these beliefs, against their logical minds, against the knowledge of the heart, that this is wrong.

The world does not belong to us. Borders are manmade and lack any sort of creativity. They are blockades that, to me, are a slap in the face of any sort of Deity. The supreme insult. The wanton brush slashing across a timeless work of art. These wars, these police actions, all of the events that are planned to bring about pain, to reinforce borders, to subjugate others, cannot be a god’s plan. These are acts of destruction, not construction, not creation but anti-creation and therefore, anti-god.

No man, no religion has the right to modify creation for their own end. No man, no religion has the right to take the lives of this god’s creation. “Thou shalt not kill” is not subjective, it is not relative to a situation – it is quite clear. THOU SHALT NOT…it does not have a codicil, it isn’t “Thou shalt not kill…unless someone is really pissing you off”. 4 words that could not be more plain.

At this rate? Heaven or Paradise is going to have an awful lot of vacancies.


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