OMG! Mark Zuckerburg is the Anti-Christ

Facebook study manipulated 700K news feeds to study spread of emotional states | CTV News.

Oh, woe is me.  Oh may the saints preserve us!  Our FREE social networking account has been used for research!  The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! Zuckerburg is Satan. WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED!!!  

zuckerburg satanGet your head out of your arse.  You are manipulated by marketing every single second of your life.  YOU manipulate, others manipulate you.  Mothers manipulate their kids, husbands manipulate their wives.  It is not always a bad thing. It is how we survive, it is how we function as a society. We are constantly manipulating someone, somewhere, somehow.

Mind you, when you find yourself sitting in your room, crying because you don’t fit into a size “0”?  Then, the manipulation has been bad.  You’ve been had.  You have been brainwashed.  The fashion industry and the entertainment industry require your feelings of inadequacy to keep them in Moët & Chandon and so they foster it.  They, intentionally, manufacture ways to make you feel depressed, to make you look in the mirror and always find something wrong with the image.  You are being used.  

The news is manipulated by whoever is holding the purse strings at any given time.  I’ll give you an example; currently, the world is being inundated with news from Israel.  3 teenagers were murdered and Hamas is being held responsible.  Rockets are being fired; houses are being bombed – by both sides.  I do notice that there is no mention of the countless Palestinian kids who have died in the battle for land that really?  Doesn’t belong to anyone.  Its land.  It is of the earth.  We don’t own it.  We are all squatters, for a finite amount of time.  Borders fluctuate, they change and sometimes are removed all together.   Another example is Ukraine.  I admit it.  I got sucked in to the pro-Ukraine side.  I have a “sort-of” excuse; my grandfather was Ukrainian.  I was raised to be proud of the country, its heroes, and its culture.  But…who am I to take sides in this issue.  I live thousands of miles away.  My maternal Ukrainian side left the country because … well, the grass seemed safer and greener in Canada.  Maybe the Russian nationals have a point.  I can’t say, my opinion has been manipulated and is now biased.

The Facebook research was based on the theory of “emotional contagion”.  I don’t think it is such a large social mystery that it requires this type of investment but obviously someone does…  Emotional or social contagion is, far more easily defined as, propaganda.  Hit them with biased reporting, hit them with rumour, misinformation, Photoshop a few images to enhance or detract.  Surround a news item with negative or positive imagery…it’s all in the marketing, my friends.  It’s all about manipulating us.

Currently, a source of interest and much amusement for me is the (seemingly) sudden push by media to remove the stigma attached to marijuana.  Way, way back in the day; it was believed that weed would turn you into a psychotic criminal if male and a raving slut if female.

Check this out, you’ll pee your pants:

Well, a lot of powerful people became very, very rich because weed was verboten to the public. Governments are now realizing that verboten weed is a cash cow that will realize far more personal profit than the kickbacks and bribes they are currently receiving. And so the manipulation begins. It’s in full swing and amuses the hell out of me. We are so easily led by media.

How many people do you know, personally, who believe something because they’ve heard it on television, read it in a paper or HOLY MOLY, saw it on the web. I mean, if it is on the web, it MUST be true, right???
The Autism fraud perpetrated by Andrew Wakefield, I REFUSE to call him a doctor. There are still thousands upon thousands of anti-vaxers out there who, rather than admit they had been manipulated by a narcissistic dirt bag, continue to put their children’s lives and the lives of others at terrible risk from contagions. This is bad manipulation.

There is good manipulation. North American society was manipulated into believing certain races of people were “lesser than” the white folk. I’m sure the majority, secretly, knew better than to believe it but it was emotional and societal contagion. It caused rape, torture, murder and subjugation of human beings. Bad manipulation. We, the people, collectively, became the boy who knew the emperor was nekkid and pointed this out. The powers that were, understood that this particular tide was turning and best to get on the protective side of the wave. And rightly so. The news was then manipulated to demonize the racists and now, to be racist is to be “lesser than.” I’m good with that.

So Facebook allowed its members to be guinea pigs in social research. So? We are guinea pigs and lab rats on a daily basis. Awake or asleep. Manipulation is how we survive, its how all species survive. What’s your problem???


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3 responses to “OMG! Mark Zuckerburg is the Anti-Christ

  1. This is possibly your best blog ever. I wish everyone was FORCED to read it.

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