National Assembly restores right-to-die bill

DignityNational Assembly restores right-to-die bill and other legislation | CTV Montreal News.

Quebec is a province of contradictions.  I believe Quebec was the first province with legal abortion clinics.  We are leading the pack with this right-to-die legislation.  The most important and absolutely personal decisions in the lives of its citizens.  And these decisions are being LEFT to the individual and not government bureaucrats.  This from a province once held in the stranglehold of the Roman Catholic church.  An entity that does not believe in personal choice.  

I’m very proud of Quebec’s position.  No one has the right to determine the most important life altering decisions of an individual.  There will not be a lemming reaction to this bill however, those who do not choose to see their lives end in pain and misery will have the right to leave this realm with dignity.  

The nay-sayers, primarily from the religious right, are wailing over potential abuse.  Obviously, not having the intelligence or capacity to study the bill…  The decision is that of the individual AND 2 doctors.  I’ve recently had to deal with an individual under the care of more than one doctor.  Getting them to agree on anything until there are absolutely no options is like herding cats.  A greedy or immoral family member will not have the right to make this decision.  There will not be an option for the selfish motivations of others.  The INDIVIDUAL must sign a consent form and the doctors MUST agree.  

There won’t be a line-up at the Express Exit window. People will hang on. No one truly knows how they will react in the face of death. Some will hang on, some will try anything, like peach pit cures but for the others but for those who have weighed the options and find that the cure is worse than the disease or ultimate conclusion? They will now, legally, be entitled to make that ultimate personal choice to die with dignity.

I want the right to die with dignity.  No.  Correct that – I DEMAND the right to die with dignity.  I will not be told how I will leave the mortal coil by those so wrapped up in the fear of what happens “after”. I don’t believe anything happens “after”.  No heaven, no purgatory, no hell.  Just an ending as all things must end.  No fuss, no muss, just an end.  The world will continue to turn, people will continue to be born, wars will rage and lovers will love – my death or the death of anyone else on this planet won’t alter the physical world in the least.  The universe will expand or contract or whatever the hell it is doing at any given moment.  Dying is as completely natural as is birth.  Why is it treated like something dirty, to be hidden away and spoken of, in hushed tones?

Death is a sad event, to be sure but it doesn’t need to be all-encompassing. Remembering the departed with love, with laughter and with sweet memories is the best honour. Once we begin to do this, then death will not be such a taboo topic. It will be the right of passage of the person. It will be the final act of the natural world. The laws of nature. All things must come to an end. Enjoy the beauty while living. Don’t wait until the book of life has ended and there are no other pages to be written. 

I will be rendered to ash and hopefully, either scattered on the Caribbean sea or in a bio urn with the seed of a tree. It won’t really matter though, I’ll be dead. End of story. Book of Life is closed and placed up among the billions, trillions of other books already written. Thanks for the memories.  It’s been real.  

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