Stupid Girls Redux

feminism and Nicks I saw this posted on Facebook. My reaction was, “Oh please…spare me!” Equality is only in danger to those who permit the concept to be attacked. Equality is also a rather new development within the confines of Western society and requires a whole lot of nurturing as well as a good dose of “Get your head out of your ass!” for both genders.

My role models or idols did not parade around like strippers or hookers. You better believe there wouldn’t have been a hockey puck’s chance in hell that my mother would have taken me to see the likes of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus or whatever half-naked idiot is currently soiling stages near you. Look at the ads. Thongs for 6 year olds? Allowing and bankrolling daughters to dress like (as one of my sons refers to them) “prosti-tots“.

The adage “If it walks like a duck” is rather simple to understand even for those morons who fall for the advertising of American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret and of course, Abercrombie and Fitch, the latter being such a great purveyor of ethics and values (insert huge dose of sarcasm and scorn). If one chooses to dress like a sex object, behave in that manner, it falls to logic that one will be treated as such.

I could not imagine a man dressing in the same manner as more than a few females with whom I’ve worked; women who will turn around and actually express amazement that they didn’t receive a promotion or some other carrot dangled by corporate. Who wants someone who portrays a physical image of being more at home dry humping a pole than sitting at a boardroom table?  Just had a visual image of our CEO in a micro mini…where is the Pepto Bismol???!!!

Demands for equality are still required – yeah, yeah..”Shouldn’t be that way!” “We have RIGHTS!” Cry me a river baby. What have you done lately to further the cause? Minimally, a letter to a company responsible for blatant sexist ads? A phone call of displeasure? Minimal effort required. Another minimal effort – DON’T UNDERWRITE THE COST OF YOUR DAUGHTER’S WARDROBE, if the same outfit can be seen on any stage in any strip club across your city. If her boobs are on display?  Wrong wardrobe choice. 

If (as my dear Mom would say) you can see “What she had for breakfast” then you are doing a rotten job as a female role model.

You are perceived as you appear. Men as well as women. It’s just that much harder for women, we have more parts.

If we want to continue to be considered equal in the eyes of society and yes, the “old boy” networks, then we have to stand up, fight, maintain and EARN those rights. Sucks but there you have it.

We need to continue the battle started by our fore-females. The battles are not fought on the streets anymore but still must be fought starting at the grassroots level. Stop buying into the fashion industry, the (cough, choke) “music” industry. For chrissakes, make your daughters understand that those half-naked selfies are not acceptable modes of self-expression. Until boobs and ass are no longer considered sexual – that’s life. So yeah…our DNA says that will never happen so keep them under wraps unless she wants to be seen as a sex object and nothing more viable than that.

So women are being “forced” back into their place? No. Women, particularly young women, seem to be heading there without any coercion. What messages are we, as the older members of our gender, sending them? Why are they not fighting the good fight? Why are they STILL wandering around advertising their physical wears? Why are they starving themselves into size 0?

Why aren’t girls and women striving toward greatness for their minds rather than striving to have the biggest boobs and bootilicious butts? Why? Because we are falling down on the job. We can’t afford to take a vacation. The fight is still on, the locales may have changed but the fight still needs its warriors. We still need to take on the corporations, the politicians, the law makers and breakers. We need to hold media to task and to a far higher standard than the outhouse offerings we see on every screen and billboard.

Don’t want to be “Put back in our places” by the old boy establishment? Stop blaming them for our own dropping of the ball. That old boy network? Most of them have died off and have been replaced with our peers, so either “man up” ladies or stay in the powder room and let the real women take what is theirs while you contemplate what new cosmetic surgery will help you to be all that you can never be…

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