Baby Boomers in the Workplace or YO! You Ain’t All That and a Bag of Chips.

baby-boomers-300x300Ummm, no – you don’t.  And, yes, Millennials can be major pains in the rear at work but they can pale in comparison to Boomers and X’ers. Many of them have “been there and done that” but are unable to grasp the insight that could have been gained in the process. Instead, the “been there and done that” are simply hot air injectors for, already, unjustly over-inflated egos.

Experience is a life tool that is, without question, the most valuable. Unfortunately, like many tools, they are shoved into a drawer to gather dust, unless there is some need to pull it out and show it off. Not actually USED for any positive purpose, just a bright and shiny thing to divert attention.

Unfortunately, the concept that one might actually be able to build and improve on that experience escapes too many of the Boomers and X’ers. “That’s just policy.” Or the incredibly apathetic “That’s the way it’s done and how we’ve always done it.” Really? Policy and “always done it“?  Somebody came up with the policy and somebody started the “always done it” at some point in the not too distant past. There would be no Microsoft, no Apple, no IBM or HP if these statements were believed. No heart transplants or innovative medical discoveries if all people believed in policy and “always done it”.

Co-workers and employees are capable of opening windows to change. We are all capable of building on experience through constant learning and stretching our personal and business boundaries.

We changed our operating system at work. It was such an insight into psychology. The people least likely to accept the change were the X’ers and The Boomers. The people who were capable of finding flaws in the system, by and large, were the Millennials. The operating system is chock full of flaws that are absolute reflections of the programmers. X’ers and Boomers. It is over inflated, convoluted and the result of too many huge egos unable to accept constructive criticism and new ideas. Not unlike the corporation that initiated the change but I digress 😉

Millennials can be effective operating systems when we recognize the flaws and work to improve the processes.  X’ers and Boomers require reboots in order to refresh overloaded memories clogging up the circuits.

We, the Boomers and the X’ers, have to get over ourselves. We are not the end all, be all of humanity. In fact, while we have done a great deal of good in the world, we have also done a great deal of evil, as is true of all generations, throughout history, Amen.

Where or when was it written that at a certain age we can rest on our laurels and/or glory days and bask in the light of our own P.R? It was never written thus, friends and neighbours. Never.

Learning by application of our life experience, using new methods and technology. Employing and perhaps tweaking new ideas and concepts can only improve life, love and work. Instead of the Us vs Them mentality that, yes, we Boomers and X’ers have created to protect ourselves from the youthful Millennials.  We need to ask ourselves, how is our attitude, now, any different from the “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30!” motto from the sixties/early seventies? Sounds silly now but we still employ it but in reverse “Don’t Trust Anyone UNDER 30!”  How about another motto from that time period? “Come together”?

We can’t hide behind what has always been and policy. This is ridiculous and counterproductive. Listen to what the Millennials are saying, look at the base command line and see if there is something valid upon which policy can be improved.

Turn off the damn television and head online for continuing education. The choices in cyberspace are countless, many are free. Keep learning! Keep growing! Listen to the younger folks. They aren’t blowing smoke out their butts. There is untold wealth in their words if we build on what they see, what they know.

We all talked of open minds back in the day, what – the hell – happened? Experience isn’t enough. It may have been valid at the time but time is current that washes away the old and brings in the new. Either you end up washed to the shoreline or you move with the current to new and fascinating places. The Millennials are a part of that current, tap into it and for heaven’s sake, understand that change is not a bad thing. Without it? You wouldn’t be reading this. I have a news flash for y’all; you have become what we fought so hard to defeat, back in the long ago. You are the establishment and you are just as bad now as “they” were then. Wake up. Open up the drawers, pull out those tools of life experience, share them and build something awesome, TOGETHER.  Come Together.



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2 responses to “Baby Boomers in the Workplace or YO! You Ain’t All That and a Bag of Chips.

  1. I think our generation sucks, frankly.

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