Survivalist Mythology and Fantasy

bombshelterThere’s a lot of money to be made from the industry of fear.  Back in the early sixties, the bomb shelter craze.  It was a scary time to be growing up.  My first couple of years of school saw bomb drills.  Of course, I look back on those days and shake my head; diving under our desks when the alarm sounded, covering our heads in the face of a nuclear blast?  How naive and how pointless.

The bombs were powerful enough to wipe out cities as witnessed through Nagasaki and Hiroshima; to think that our little elementary school would withstand the blast was ridiculous in the extreme.  In fact, if a blast took out our school and our little selves along with it?  It would have been a blessing in the face of the horrors of radiation poisoning and total breakdown of society.

That was then, this is now.  The technology of death has come a long way since the days of Little Boy and Fat Boy.  The payloads are more powerful and significantly smaller.  There are dirty bombs and bombs that kill all living things but leave the buildings standing.  There chemical and biological weapons, the stuff of the most terrifying nightmares.  Payloads that cause skin to slough off, organs turning to jelly as the victims remain aware of what is happening.

There are no bomb shelters to protect humanity from itself.  We are far too intelligent and far too evil.

So many people believe in their own little happy ending to apocalyptic scenarios.  We can thank the “entertainment” industry for this.  There will be no ships to sail us off until the waters subside.  There will be no Mother Abigail or Larry and Stuart to save the day.  Brad Pitt will not discover a cure and weapon at the last possible moment.

No.  The truth could be found in a couple of movies from the 80’s; The Day After and Testament.  These movies were as close to the truth as can be shown and still make money.  No happy ending.  The truth; we die and we die horribly.  We die killing our neighbours for scraps.  We die killing for a sip of polluted and contaminated water.

I’ve watched documentaries based on the survivalist mentality, I’ve read their articles, visited their paranoid web sites.  I feel for them, I really do.  They live in a fantasy world of happy endings with themselves as the heros.  The final survivors, one day awakening and stepping out into a fresh new world, to begin again.  Sweet and wonderful and all but fairy story.  A fantasy.  Make Believe.

It is an interesting hobby but it is important to understand that this is just a hobby and can be a very expensive one, at that.

If a war between super powers were to break out?  This would be the end of mankind.  There would be no survivors.  A piece of paper, binding powers to ethical warfare is about as binding as angel hair.  What if a rogue nation, one run by a madman, a religious fanatic finally loses his shit and sends his minions off with vials of ebola?  Marburg, Lassa, Hanta or even a new and improved Rabies?

By the time the virus hit the ground, running?  By the time the truth was made known?  It would be too late.

What dark and terrible weapons lie in the possession of nations?  We can’t think of world leaders as being in possession of psyches similar to our own.  We aren’t even in the same psychological ball park with these people.  We, the pawns in their game, are at the very end of the line, waiting for a place in the bleachers.  We will wait our lives in that line because, we of morals and ethics can never conceive of the decisions made as a matter of course by these “leaders”.

We will not survive a battle of their egos.  We will go out without so much as a whimper in the case of bombs.  We will do a lot of whimpering should the final battle be chemical or biological but little else.  We will sicken and we will die.

We will not flee to the mountains, or the forests or the sea.  We will not survive underground or in bunkers.  We will simply cease to exist.

So what do we do to continue?  Is there anything we can do to continue?  We can take to the streets when our leaders are no longer representing our interests but rather feeding their own mental illness.  Hitler would be a prime example.  Stalin another, then there was Pol Pot and now, we have Vladimir Putin as well as a number of religious fanatical leaders around the world.  Putin would be the most obvious threat to world peace, currently but not the only one.  Many of us, in the west, laugh at the antics of Kim Jung-un but should we be doing this?  We can all agree that Jung-un is short a few cards of a full deck but how important are those missing cards?  Can we, safely, laugh and point or will he be the one to pull a trigger?  Will he light a fuse?

Do you remember the horrific deaths on that subway in Japan?  The result of a very small fanatical religious sect.  Imagine if this were more organized, if this had the backing of a leader?  How many victims, in how many subways, around the world would die?  What if the substance was not a gas but a virus?  How many victims outside the subway would lose their lives before anyone knew what had happened?  The top of Pandora’s box opened, and far too late to close it.  Far too late to repair any damage.  The diseases I mentioned, have no cure.  Even if there was one, the diseases are not widespread enough to have immunization or cure stockpiled in enough quantity to save us all.  Many millions would die.  Perhaps billions.

We have a desperate need to control our leaders and cease to allow them to control us.  Sadly, history tells us that we are too busy surviving to call these people to heel.

No.  There will be no surviviing another world war.  There will be no surviving a killer bomb loaded with lethal radiation.  There will be no surviving a targeting chemical attack or sureptitious biological assault.

By all means, continue with the fantasy, I suppose but is it not better to attempt to live a better life, help those around us so that should the end come?  We die with dignity, we die knowing we did what we could to enlighten the world?

By all means, continue your fantasy; spend your money on freeze dried foods, weapons and ammunition.  I suppose you are helping the economy, in your own way. Personally, I would prefer to donate my money to the living and take up a less expensive hobby…like knitting.

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