Nous Devons Travailler Ensemble.

Philippe Couillard Suzanne PiloteThe election is over and the win was decisive. It wasn’t “close”, nor can blame be laid at the feet of “les autres”. This is Québec. Québecois have spoken, loudly, to the PQ party. Enough with divisive politics, enough with the rhetoric and referendums. Marois spent years under the tutelage of Jacques Parizeau. Even he spoke out against the Chartre. She should have listened to her mentor; she should have learned through his defeat. Québecois are a passionate people, for sure; there is the need to protect the culture but not by stepping all over human rights. Not by threatening the not withstanding clause and ignoring a rule of law. If that were to have been done? The message would have been clear to all; no rights are safe in Québec. If the law disagrees, then the law will be ignored. That was a powerful message to the people of this province.

Time and time again, the PQ’s were shown, another referendum is that last thing on the minds of intelligent Québecois. What is on OUR minds, all OUR minds, not just pure laine but les autres as well is the dream of a strong, financially stable province. A Québec with employment opportunities. Where healthcare and education is not a crap shoot, should you not have the cash to pay for the best.

It would appear, that while Québecois want equality between the genders, we do not want it at the expense of racist agendas. We want equality to be achieved through education. We want men and women to make their own, informed, choices with regard to religion, marriage and social interaction; not through xenophobic and illegal legislation.

The time for divisive political rhetoric is over. The hard work to rebuild our province is just beginning. Fists need to be lowered and unclenched; they need to be outstretched in friendship and solidarity. We need to live alongside people who have chosen Québec as their home. We are all immigrants, all of us. We need to build, not tear down, upon the foundations that have been laid over the past centuries. Our strength is found within all of us, regardless of heritage. We are here because we love this province, warts and all. We are here because we want to build a strong Québec. We are not here to live in some imaginary dream world where everyone is white, of the same religion and language. This is the new world, this is a global economy and it is time for Quèbec to join, it is time for Québec to prosper and to lead the way, showing the world that we can all get along and construct in strength.


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