Witches, Havens and Dust In The Wind

screen shot of havenThat was tough. That was really tough. Witches’ Haven has been pulled down; well, most of it, at any rate. The Chat Room and the gaming areas are still up, as are the pages dedicated to Dave and the boys. The “Favourite Vendors” page is still up, such as it is. It definitely needs help. All those years…all those hours…

I am not destroying the site or domain entirely; I’ll use it for other purposes. Not entirely sure what, as yet – I’ll take a look at my passions and see what I can do about sharing, working with them toward some sort of constructive end.

Back to the tough part though; it was incredibly hard to pull down all those pages. So much of who I was were in those words. People change and it is hard to say good bye to the past. As sad as it was, it was freeing as well; a weight lifted so to speak.

Next step is to sell my books. The library is pretty inclusive. EBay? Kijiji? Individually or in batches? I have to think on that one. I have a thing about getting rid of books but I really have no use for them and they do take up space. Then to my various tools and other ritual items. The truly personal ones will be stored away but the rest will be sold off.

Maybe a “Witchcraft” table when we finally get around to doing a garage sale in the Spring.  And now for something completely cheesy…but hey…I’m kind of sad about this…

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  1. Loooooove that song. I think you should have your witchcraft table at the nearest church bazaar 🙂

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