Throw Off Them Shackles, Bitch

KarenbwAh dear friends and visitors; please bear witness to the image of a hypocrite; a fence sitter, a chicken or coward, if you prefer. This woman, this spineless purveyor of nonsense is…? That would be me.

Since the tender age of 22 until well into my very late forties; I was the follower of, what is now labeled, Neo-Paganism. Why? A myriad of reason but all boil down to fear. Fear of what happens after I’m gone. A fear based in the rejection of scientific theories and principle, a fear of logic and rationale. Besides, it was a lot of fun, really. Neo-Pagans are by and large, a community of “I’m ok, you’re ok” folks and sometimes that is ok. Most often though, it truly is not ok. The concept of “OK” always bothered me, it nagged at me for decades but I had conditioned myself to believe this to be from my early Christian brainwashing vis a vis absurd notions of morality.

Later on, I adopted a Thelemic belief system, not as a religion but as a philosophy. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Be the captain of your life and destiny is my interpretation but I found that through the official Thelemic organizations, this law was not obeyed. There were degrees to be followed and I found that misogyny abounded.

I don’t believe in any god. I don’t believe in the power of ritual as anything more than group hypnosis. I don’t believe in the “mysteries” simply because they are not mysteries. I believe all religions are inherently bad ideas, Marx referred to religion correctly; it is the opiate of the masses.

I believe in humanity. I believe that we can create a place of mutual respect and understanding but the only way to do this, is to remove religion. Flush it down the toilet along with the hatred, bigotry, torture, abuse and death that accompanies it. God did not create the world. There was no garden of Eden, no Adam, no Eve, no Cain, no Abel.

There is no Odin, no Herne, no Cernunnos, no Macha, no Morrigan, no Babd. There was no Hecate or Dionysus. Just as there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

I was so afraid of being wrong. How could I be right in my private assertion that religion, ALL religion are bullshit when so many people claimed to know religion to be a truth? Thanks to books, thanks to the internet, I learned I wasn’t alone at all. There were so many others out there who did not believe in any of this garbage. Religion is the vehicle of fools, of tyrants, of despots and killers. It lends justification for the absolutely unjustifiable.

We, as a species, do not need religion to tell us right from wrong, if we are of sound mind. Those who claim that we do require religion to direct us are not of sound mind.

I am throwing off my own personal shackles and eschewing any form of belief. Witches’ Haven will come down; it will be replaced by logic, by rationale and by fact. I can’t allow myself to perpetuate lies and untruths. This hobby, this web site of Witches’ Haven has ceased to be a hobby because it perpetuates falsehoods. Did I waste all my time learning those rituals and “secrets”? No. No knowledge is a waste when kept in perspective but the perspective is mine and I refuse to influence or be a part of such monumental lies by allowing the information to remain up there for public consumption.

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