Karl Marx and the XBox

marxTook me a long time to separate Marx/Lenin and Stalin. Anyone with a background in the bloody history of Eastern Europe will also be so constrained. As I became older and wiser, the concept that great minds always have their concepts perverted by governments to serve their own agendas, became evident.

Here is a good article, if a bit superficial, examining the various areas where Marx seemed to be extremely prophetic; http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/marx-was-right-five-surprising-ways-karl-marx-predicted-2014-20140130

Personally, I think his predictions were no-brainers. Even for his timeframe. Humanity is what it is. We have not changed so much. We’re a lazy bunch; physically and intellectually. The path of least resistance with a backpack full of sparkly, shiny things.

Our governments are not so very different from the governments of old; not so different from the monarchies that ruled our every move centuries ago. And we seem to like it. People do not want to make their own decisions. They do not want to captain their own ships toward a planned destiny. It is, simply, too much trouble. Humanity is self-absorbed and will not, willingly, give up any of their creature comforts, even if it is to help someone else.

Montreal/Quebec witnessed riots and unrest by students when the government planned a tuition increase. A very small increase ($2,168 to $3,793 between 2012 and 2018 per year. And yes, the figures are correct, that IS what students pay in Quebec). Out they went, disrupting the city, rioting and destroying private property. Wearing and I’m sure Lenin and Marx were spinning in their graves, red squares. These bozos were not fighting for the “people”, they were simply fighting for their ability to buy more sparkly, shiny. They were fighting to keep IPhones instead of being forced to use something less trendy. They were fighting to keep their beer money.

The rest of the world riots for freedom, against repression and our little gange des piques are fighting to keep their daily Starbucks. There were professors and politicos marching along beside them, a few misinformed artsy folks as well; it would seem to me, if any of these people were THAT concerned, then they would recommended a pay cut for themselves, with said cut being applied to the education budget which is funded, in a large part by transfer payments from other provinces, where students are forced to pay far higher tuition fees than our bunch of entitled buttnuts. The rest of the funding comes out of the pockets of the working class.

We are a civilization of lazy, apathetic examples of primates. The governments constantly remove our right to decide for ourselves, but they do so slowly, so we will not pay too much attention and we’ll believe ourselves welcome to the removal of yet another responsibility.

There will be no bloody revolution. It doesn’t matter how vast the chasm between the haves and the have-nots. The current stat being floated about is 99% have-nots vs 1% who have far too much. The gap doesn’t get much larger than this and the outcry for social change? The revolution of the people? Listen…, yup – crickets. Western civilization is addicted to the goods government and corporations have hypnotized us into believing we MUST have. The addiction is stronger than any chemical drug. The addiction is far more dangerous than heroine or crack. This addiction is lifelong and impact not only our generation but began before us, it will continue long after we are dust in the wind.

Governments don’t have to arm themselves against the populace; all they need do is create another social safety net and have the corporations convince us that we need yet another piece of conspicuous consumption item. Priced high enough that we need to continue to be part of the machine, yet not so high as to cause us to get our wind up and actually understand what is being done to us.

Oh hey, I’m no different. I am typing at a keyboard of a fairly new computer, viewing my efforts on a flat screen monitor. I own an IPhone 5S and I drive a new car. I work for a corporation, a soulless body. It is no different from any other corporation. It is a machine that lures the employee in, chews him/her up and then spits out the little that is left. I wish it were different but the addiction is strong. The only thing that I can retain, for my own, small sense of dignity, is my ability to think. To see. To understand. I’m just not strong enough to fight the addiction that eats away at my soul. I would love to chuck it all and move to a place, far from the concrete feeding pools of the city but the addiction tells me, “You can’t!! What about food, medication, clothing, shelter, warmth??? OMG!! What about being online!! You can’t chuck it all!”

We all know that radical social change is required; there are far, far too many people going without and our little contributions to food baskets is no remedy. But, none of us and this is even more true of government and business, is willing to give up even a modicum of what we have acquired. There is no change in our future. Yeah, it’s a bummer but the damage has been done. There is no rehab for humanity.


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6 responses to “Karl Marx and the XBox

  1. Dr. Yuval Noah Harari maintains that consumerism is the first religion the adherants actually follow obediently. I wish you had time to do his course, it was fantastic.

  2. As far as I an tell, our civilization peaked around 1973, and has been going downwards ever since.

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