Second Chance

second chanceYou are being offered a second chance. The most important of all second chances; the chance for life. The first time around, you squandered the rights and freedoms afforded you. You didn’t earn these rights or freedoms, it was all simply an act of nature. You were born here.

You chose to break the law; you chose to thumb your nose at the very society that supports you now.

You treated family with contempt and outright hostility; the very same family that supports you now.

You were gifted with a high intellect and rather than use that intellect to better the world around you; you chose to use it to manipulate people, to garner unwarranted pity and to justify unjustifiable behaviours.

You railed and protested against government; destroying the earth you cried. Oppressing the poor, you hollered. Lining the corporate pockets, you screamed. Then you broke the windows of small business, overturned and torched police cars, damaging buildings and tearing down street signs. You were arrested and it was the poor who ended up footing the bill for all of it; they pay for the damage you caused, they shell out for your incarceration.

So counter-productive, so hypocritical, so selfish, so childish, so naive, so downright stupid.

As long as there is mankind, as long as the human species draws breath, there will be those with and there will be those without. Government, all governments are corrupt; this has always and shall always be. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

An anarchist society cannot exist, will never exist, it would not even be permitted to take its first baby steps; not due to Big Brother or Sister but because of humanity and its very nature but had you taken advantage of all the wonderful things offered to you, instead of pretending to be some hero of the downtrodden, you would know this and you would be working toward finding a way to truly help those who deserve help.

You have never been forced to starve, to live without shelter, to exist outside of hearth and protective home. You chose that path; it was free will.  You chose to spit in the face of opportunities that the truly downtrodden, the true victims would and do die trying to obtain.
They stand outside the window of the Western world, staring in and hating you for your total lack of appreciation for all that surrounds you.  For spitting on the plate of plenty, laid before you.

You have a second chance; do you deserve it while so many die at the hands of true corruption? A second chance to start again, while a child lies on the side of a road in the Sudan, covered in flies, dead for want of what you take as your due.

Will you live up to the privilege afforded to you? Will you take this gift and understand what a rare jewel you have been given?

I hope you are intelligent enough to appreciate what you have. I hope…but it all remains to be seen. It is all a matter of choice; your own choice, your own road. Yes, it all remains to be seen.

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