Dragons of Atlantis; Heirs of the Dragon Review

dragonsYeah, so I’m a little late in the game with a review (no pun intended).  First the details:

Developer: Kabam

Price:  Free to download, free to play

As with all f2p games; there are “treasure chests”, accessorials, speed-ups and other specials that are available for purchase.  These are desirables, definitely not necessary for regular game play, but do make playing a little more fun and a little faster.

Available formats: Iphone and Ipad

I’ve seen a few of the usual snotty reviews by frustrated programmers.  Look, it’s a game, it’s a f2p game; it isn’t Skyrim nor does it pretend to be.  It is a fun diversion, allows for a bit of the social chatter without having to deal with testosterone addled teenagers and their need for profanity to compensate for their lack of whatever it is they lack…social life, girlfriends, I.Q. as is found with other gaming environments – Guildwars, World of Warcraft as examples.

Yes, there are dragons, in case you missed the nuances in the game’s name.  Dragons are always a fun diversion for the gamer set and this game has quite a few; from large dewy eyed baby dragons to your fierce armoured adult butt-kicking varieties.

You build and manage your own kingdom; you need to protect it from marauding bands out to steal your bounty – food, lumber, metals etc. and killing your troops in the process.  There are taxes to manage, skills to research and acquire.   As you level up, you can become one of those marauders and do some pillaging of your own.  Yes, you too, can be a god! 

Moving out into the surrounding territory allows you to establish outposts after defeating whoever may be in residence, adding to your land and your coffers. Expansionism at its finest. 

The game allows you to train spies who are then sent out, obviously, to “spy” and report back on any territory that seems to be taking your fancy.  You need to use strategy when attempting to overthrow other overlords, such as yourself. 

Your dragon becomes your best ally and needs to be groomed, trained and armed.  Armour can be purchased, can be confiscated while pillaging and won in the tournaments that are created for the players’ enjoyment. 

Joining an alliance is a good idea; there are always rogue players out there, just lying in wait for the more vulnerable cities.  An alliance provides you with protection, the ability to share resources allow you some light social interaction; an alliance also offers a nice little competitive edge to the game, should you like that sort of thing.  You can work toward elevating your alliance in the standings if you require a more directed game play.

The graphics are pretty good; the sound is also good, depending on your device.

Gameplay is adaptable to the player; you play at the speed you wish and the difficulty increases with your own leveling up with experience.

It’s a fun game, the price is right and the play itself is enjoyable.  I don’t ask for much more.  I recommend it.

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  1. Who doesn’t love dragons?! And RPG! This makes me want to be a kid again, with hours of free time to get lost in a fantasy game 🙂

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