Dream Interpretation

dream interpretationThere are certain things to which I remain open and certain things that I simply do not accept. Dream interpretation falls under the category of hog wash for me, with one exception – the lucid dream.

Over the years I have often had folks come to me and ask me to interpret dreams for them. This simply, is not possible. While our psychological make-ups do contain familiar indicators; we are far too individual to be able to interpret the meaning of the common dream or nightmare.

Our brains can process, what seems to be, an infinite amount of input and output during our waking and sleeping hours that to interpret what our brains process, as individuals, is not possible. Oh sure, I’ve read the books, perused silly dictionaries and I’m profoundly unimpressed with the simple mindedness of it all.

What is wonderful to one person is “Meh…” to someone else. What is profoundly disturbing to you, may not bother me, at all.

For example – here is an interpretation from a so-called “Dream Dictionary”:


To see a python in your dream represents lurking danger, sin, lacking freedom and overt sexuality. The symbol may also parallel a waking relationship where you are feeling constricted and confined.  Alternatively, a python may signify your determination.

To see a python kill its prey suggests that you are feeling emotionally stressed and anxious. You are being suffocated in some area of your life.

A python in one of my dreams would not signify any of this; I have 3 of them in my home. A python would simply be a part of the “scene” as it were, in my dream. Same would go for a spider/tarantula, no hidden meaning, just as much a part of my life as my family would be.

Each one of us has our own definition of places, people, animals and things. Our dream world is just another way our brains process leftover information from the day. Emotional response is as unique as is our DNA, while we may share aspects of joy, sorrow, happiness and anger through symbolic association; this doesn’t mean we share the same visceral response, say to a snake or a spider.

There are a myriad of reasons why we dream what we do and none of them have anything to do with prophesy, a dead relative coming to call or a lottery win. There is only one type of dream that “could” be interpreted as a portent and that would be the lucid dream – a very rare thing for many. It is so different as to require a totally separate blog.

In order to interpret our own dreams and there really isn’t any point to it, really – not if we have a good handle on ourselves, would be if we need a further investigation into who we are, as people. Perhaps face up to the fact that someone makes us angry or frustrated but symbols don’t show us that – the emotions we feel in the dream itself are the indicators. If you find worms icky? Then, duh…worms appearing in a dream with an individual or a thought of an individual you particularly don’t like, doesn’t require an investment of $24.99 for a book. Common sense is all that is required.

A stressful fork in your life road will produce stress filled dreams. If you are feeling fearful of some new thing or are not well; these too, will manifest. These ARE NOT messages sent from the great beyond. These dreams are your brain, processing along as it is meant to do.

Sure, you have every tool at your disposal to influence your dreams. Your state of mind before you slip off into the world of Morpheus will impact your dreams. If you have a double decker sandwich, chock full of onions and pickles and all things delicious and anathema to dieticians everywhere? You will influence your dreams.

Dream interpretation is not a tool to the arcane or universal subconscious; dream interpretation is solely based on your own personal understanding of yourself. And again, I add the following: lucid dreams are not garden variety dreams and need to be treated differently. While a common dream may “seem” real – lucid dreams, to the dreamer, ARE real. Two totally different states of mind/existence and are so different that lucid dreaming probably shouldn’t be classified as dreaming at all.

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