Merry Santa-Claus Day

Merry ChristmasPrepare yourselves, dear Merry Christmas-ers, the nutbars and self-righteous asshats will be coming out of the woodwork soon – screaming at you for wishing them a “Merry Christmas.” My heads up to you as a kind-of Neo-Pagan/agnostic sort. I know full well how obnoxious my brethren within the Neo-Pagan community can become at this time of year. They’ll come at you with:

“Christians STOLE our holiday!!” No, you didn’t but don’t pee on their parade. They so love their victimhood. Consider it your Christmas gift to them.

“Christ wasn’t even born on the 25th!!” Yeah, okay – we all know that and what’s your point? The day has come to represent a time of giving and much of the good things – like shortbread cookies. Nothing wrong with people around the world, of the Christian faith, hoping for peace on earth; it is an admirable thought, won’t happen but admirable none the less.

“Christmas is just a corporate sham!” And Samhain isn’t? How many Neo-Pagans think that the biggest deal at Samhain is going to some stupid Witches’ Ball? Or really have no true clue as to the deeper meaning and significance of 10/31? So people go shopping and buy shit for each other. Good on them, spreads a little happiness in an otherwise very sad world.

“Pfff, Christians only give to the poor at Christmas. Hypocrites!” Also not entirely true but hey…whatever. So the majority of charitable donations take place at Christmas. At least they take place. Once a year, kids all over a lot of cities are reminded that they matter. How many toy drives are organized otherwise? How many food banks benefit from Christmas time?

You know what – wish me a Merry Christmas, not a big deal to me. I understand the thought behind it. It is a wish for peace, for love and giving.


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2 responses to “Merry Santa-Claus Day

  1. I have stopped being nice about it. I spent years being tactful to those who object to Merry Christmas, and I’m done. I offer a deal. We’ll ban the word Christmas totally, provided all other words that come from only one religion are also banned. This includes the days of the week, by the way, so have fun with that. The Chinese do it, they number them instead. However, you may have to think up a new greeting, Happy Holidays won’t work, because the word holiday would have to be banned (it comes from the word holy, which originates from an Anglo-Saxon root that also gave us whole, and hale, and dates back to Norse religion) and in fact Season’s Greetings would have to go too, as it’s from an Latin root to do with planting, from the Roman rites of Ceres. In fact most words we use to denote special dates (even the word date) and occasions, can be traced back to Pagan times, and if one set of religious words is out, they’re all out.

  2. Happy generic, non-denominational winter festival!

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