Society is a Sham

rob-ford-1200It appears to me, the only people who believe democracy exists are the great unwashed and even we are starting to, finally, see the light. Democracy is a lie, it is a big old fairy tale created centuries ago, by the ruling minority in order to prevent the “little” people from thinking that “Hey now! This just ain’t right!” and perhaps, actually doing something about inequality, injustice, decadence and avarice that is indicative of the self-perceived upper class. The last thing the toffs wanted or want, is a repetition of the unfortunate events in France back in 1789.

In Montreal, the city of my birth and life, we are in the midst of a corruption scandal. To the casual observer, the revelations may seem like news but those of us who live in Montreal, who live in Quebec, know better. Nothing being “revealed” is a shock by any means; the populace has been, uncomfortably, aware of the kickbacks, the patronage and outright gangsterism forever. We know full well that the FTQ, the CSN and other unions are simply extensions of organized crime. We know full well that our provincial government is simply a financial free-for-all club. We know that Montreal is rotten from the ground up. Most of us have reached the point of just not giving a rat’s behind anymore. We’ve seen commissions and enquiries before. This is all old and impotent hat. This apathy is born out through the lack of public participation in the recent municipal election. La plus ça change, la plus c’est la même chose.

Mind you, the disgusting and stomach churning escapades of the mayor of Toronto and his brother, Robert and Douglas Ford, is making Montreal look pretty damn good by comparison.  Rob Ford is a liar, a substance abuser and obviously, by virtue of his girth, a man with little self-control but is in charge of the largest metropolis in our fair country?  To discover just how much of a liar he is?

Of course, there are the 3 scapegoat senators, Wallin, Duffy and Brazeau; if anyone believes that they are the worst of the bunch? Then, I have a bridge that spans the St. Lawrence for sale; it’s called the Mercier. It can provide the buyer with enough money from kickbacks to see an entire family in gravy for generations times 10.

I wonder, sometimes, what would happen if Canadians finally decided they had had enough and started to fight back. Would the army or the police stand to the defense of the politicians? After all, they are ripped off as much as are we. The armed forces members are often treated as though their lives were of no consequence, the sacrifices they make, worth less than nothing. Is there any wonder why police are on the “take”? Why not, their bosses are, and their bosses bosses, all the way up the line.

I wonder about the Americans who can find themselves on the street because of a need for an operation or extended healthcare. I wonder how long their government would hold if the majority decided that enough of the subjugation by that infamous 1%, was enough. That country would lie in ruins. There are far more Americans than Canadians. There is far more injustice south of the border than can be found here – not that we are without injustice. We hold our own, if you look at the per capita.

How long will the hogs slop up our blood, sweat and tears before a spark turns to a flame and the whole damn place becomes a bonfire of the guilty? I wonder if I will be alive to see it. I would like to be.


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6 responses to “Society is a Sham

  1. Society, democracy and all those things are a shared agreement. That’s what holds them together. As you say if enough people defaulted on the agreement it would be all over. But most people live in fear of anarchy instead of seeking it. The other problem is that nobody comes up with an alternative to the status quo. I don’t have a vote, and it gets me off the hook, because many people believe that not voting is wrong. However, in order to vote, you have to have somebody to vote for. Wise, ethical people tend to avoid running for office, so we get a choice of several crooks.

    It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    • We are also afraid of a repetition of the riots, the shootings and the violence that came with the demand for social change in our recent past. Nobody wants to die. Nobody wants to see businesses destroyed again. The wrong people suffered. The elite see to that. The wrong people always suffer for standing up in defense of right, morality and fairness.

      • Yes, of course, because people lack imagination. It is possible to have a quiet, safe revolution, however. You just need enough people to want it.

        In my ordinary everyday life, I have a method. When I want something done, I am polite, I smile, and I stand absolutely firm. Salesmen hate me. My kids don’t bother trying to negotiate. People in the service industry back down. It works. If you take that and turn it into a revolution it would work too.

      • Sorry Melanie – I don’t believe this would work. You under-estimate the immense power of greed. Politicians, by virtue of their seeking office, prove themselves to be far too self-centered, if not walking examples of narcissism and sociopathy. Hard to be polite with a bully club to the head or a bullet in your back.

  2. An example – now, I don’t hold with the 9/11 conspiracy theories, however, I would not be shocked to learn that there was truth hidden within the theories. I don’t believe that we are anything more than acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of “more” by the elite.

    • It doesn’t offer me a “REPLY” box to the previous remark, so I’ll do both here.

      You’d certainly have to be extremely careful how you staged a peaceful revolution. It would need to be very well planned. But anything is possible. As we’ve seen, society is built on what people are willing to believe. If enough people were willing to believe in an alternative, that could happen. The only thing stopping it is not enough people believing in it. Peace is not kept by force. It’s a shared agreement. Any arrangement is possible if enough people believe in it.

      Greed and corruption at the top is not a conspiracy, it’s the natural order. We allow it. We always have, and we probably always will. We are sheep.

      What is known as a fact about 9/11 is that Mossad gave out warnings, and they were effectively ignored. Some say there was no way of preventing it. It’ll be a while before the truth comes out. There was something fishy there, and my guess is that the truth is halfway between the official story and the conspiracy theories, as that is how it usually turns out.

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