Pick the Scab; a re-post

My friends know that SCL is not my biological son.

He is my chosen son. SCL IS my son without the stretch marks or stitches.

Dave and I met in 1981, for the first time. We worked at the same place, Dorval Airport – Entreprises Cara. E.Dave drove the truck that loaded galleys into the aircraft and I was the HR/payroll/American Airlines account person. They gave me American Airlines because…LOLOLOL, believe it or not – I’m good with people. ROFLMAO. A.A. was a huge account and they need special handling.

Well, next to my desk was this massive window and every day, this cute young guy walked past. Sexiest derriere I had seen in a very long time. I was off men at that point – having just extricated myself from a personal hell. Cocaine vs relationship? Relationship – 0 Cocaine – all the marbles.

I was all about taking advantage of this young dude, until I found out he was living with a girl and she was preggers. So, we became buds instead. We sat with a large group of co-workers, laughed, shared stories and just enjoyed being friends.

Then? Dave and the girl break up and its ugly. To date? The UGLIEST breakup I have ever seen. Nothing anyone has written anywhere compares to this. Nothing.

There was much lead up to the apocalyptic events which ultimately resulted in SCL being placed. She wanted custody…she didn’t want custody. She didn’t want custody but Dave couldn’t have custody. One night, Dave receives a phone call from a family member, they need help! There’s trouble with his ex…he goes, a verbal fight ensues…she throws SCL down a flight of stairs at Dave. Dave was a goalie – he caught his son and saved his life.

The police were called, social services of that time period gets involved. Of course, only AFTER she tried to kill SCL. They had been called on her previously…but, he was left in her care.

Dave wanted custody. He was working and had a sister who was willing to babysit while he was at work and advised social services of this.

Ex-girlfriend, unbeknownst to anyone, had run off to city hall, prior to the baby throwing – registers SCL as “father unknown.” Removing all of Dave’s rights. Why? She’s nuts.

Anyway – so the cops are called. They are flummoxed… they have to call the English social service folks…In the wisdom, for which social services is known throughout the land…they removed SCL completely and placed him in a foster home….for 8 months, and in those 8 months, there was not so much as a single home visit from the social worker. NOT ONE SINGLE VISIT TO THE HOME.
In that home, he was ridden like a dog by one of the kids…he was left to burn in his own urine and feces. When we finally received custody? He was unable to talk, unable to walk and couldn’t eat anything but Gerber infant food – not even the toddler stuff. He was 13 months old.

While SCL was in placement; I was the beneficiary of uncounted harassing phone calls. You see, Dave needed help with his car and I told him to give my brother a call. I wrote down the number and he put it in his wallet. The nutbar broke into his house and rifled through his things and took the phone number. What the idiot didn’t know was that the phone number was that of my parents, not me. I had my own line. Oh, she was going to beat me up, she was going to knife me, she was going to do this and she was going to do that. Small potatoes for me, I had just been through far worse in my past relationship. Her attempts to scare me were laughable, although annoying.

Dave became increasingly wan. He went down to 140 lbs. He was scaring me and I did, honestly, like him as a person. The change in him, following the incident and SCL’s removal, was scary, to say the least. I knew a bit of what he was feeling, having been through similar events myself. I invited him out for drinks, conversation and a little escape from the hell he was living in.

We began to see each other and I learned more and more about the horrible situation with SCL. Dave had no idea what to do…social services was trying to adopt SCL out and Dave was terrified, he was breaking apart. He had nowhere to go.

Enter the older woman and her cynical view of law, order, justice and children….I sent him to a lawyer and within about 2 months? SCL was home with his father. I moved in a few weeks later. It was the agreement we had with social services. Someone had to be home with SCL 24/7. Dave would not be given custody otherwise and so, I quit my job, signed the papers to be his foster mother and embarked on a new life chapter.

Well, we picked SCL up at the foster slag’s home…I changed SCL’s diaper…..his skin was sloughing off. It was burned from his own urine and feces. I have no idea how long it would take for urine to burn skin like that and I really don’t want to know. An indication, however, made itself evident when entered what passed for SCL’s room at the foster home…the reek was indescribable. The bitch responsible for this? She’s dead. Don’t bother cursing her. The devil, if there is one, takes his own.

David sat up with SCL in his arms, in a rocking chair…that entire first night. He refused to let him go.

SCL’s bio mother has never been a part of our lives, except to cause us anguish, grief and thousands, upon thousands of dollars in legal fees while YOUR tax $$$ pay for her legal aid. She went on to put our safety in jeopardy through compulsive lying, did her best to destroy any happiness we might be enjoying. She failed. To this day, I hope Karma visits her often.


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