You Rat Bastard

gnomeThis is personal. It isn’t about politics, it isn’t about society, it isn’t about global warming or saving whales. It is, however, about being mean, about being thoughtless and for me? Really cruel.

Before my Dad passed away in 2010; we had bought him an particular ornament, a solar powered garden gnome, standing over a bird’s nest with eggs. The eggs would light up at night. He really enjoyed it.

You see, the ornament was kind of symbolic. Many of us referred to Daddy as the “Leprechaun” and/or the “Gnome”. He was short in stature, his beard had grown very white over the years and he was such a happy soul. We would often tease him and tell him we would buy him a lantern, stick him in the garden.

When my Dad passed, I was pretty shaken up but there was the bureacracy of death to be handled, making sure my Mother was as well as we could expect her to be. Big decisions, that would impact a lot of lives. There were 2 things of my Dad’s that I wanted to keep, as material reminders of him. One was a portrait of a gnome in a forest, my son had purchased for him and the other was that little lawn ornament. That was it. That was all I wanted. Those things were as close to having my Dad still with me, as I could get. 

The picture hangs in my computer room, so I see it every day. The garden gnome was placed on my front deck, so that I could see it when I left the house, when I was out there for a smoke and when I left the house; Dad would be there, for me. The gnome was made of resin and being outside, cracks had developed but we kept it there. Cracked or not, as long as no one fooled with it, it was fine.

Then? Someone stole the gnome. Left the base but took the gnome. It sounds so silly but every time I think about it, I get upset enough to cry. Why? Why take something so paultry in the real world but so absolutely important in my little sphere of existence. What kind of a rat bastard would do something like that? I am going to place a good old Irish curse on it and the person who took it. May they never retain anything of personal worth. May these things crumble, may these things wilt and die, may they be stolen or broken.

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