truck2I do stand behind Canadian truckers looking to improve their situation up here and if shutting down Thanksgiving weekend is the only way to do it? Then so be it. However, I do not endorse what is coming out of the States. I, personally, find the bigotry and hatred to be mindless and evil. It seems to me that someone is trying to push their own personal agenda by using truckers. So, if this is the true motivation behind the shut-down, then I would have to say to all thinking and reasonable truckers; keep on trucking and don’t be fooled into justifying racism. Take a look at this website and judge for yourself.  The comments are mindboggling.


While I, absolutely and totally agree that truckers are among the most victimized of professions; I do NOT support some of the rhetoric I see coming out of the United States, in particular, the Tea Party bent of Islamophobia and the racist comments therein.

I firmly believe that Canadians need to be reminded that professional truck drivers are as necessary to them as oxygen.

I firmly believe trucking corporation to be slave masters in the modern sense of the word.

I believe truckers health, their standards of living are abominable due corporate greed. Corporations need to be reminded that professional truck drivers are not “a dime a dozen” rather, corporate middlemen and paper pushers are, in fact, the ones who are a “dime a dozen. It is time for Canadians and corporations to get their priorities in order.

This country and its people need to be reminded who brings them all this “stuff” they crave. Who brings them that all-important Tim Hortons and Starbucks coffee to the outlets. Who transports their medications to the pharmacies, who brings their tofu to their tables. This would be the same men and women they vilify with terms like “neanderthals”, the same people they purposely piss off by going the minimum in the middle lane, the same people they cut off, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy because they are late, they are impatient and they are simply too stupid to make a good judgment call. Trucking corporations need to be reminded exactly who makes them a corporation. It isn’t the office staff. Joe and Jane citizen needs to be reminded why they enjoy the things they possess. Truck drivers. Without whom? This country would be nothing.

Perhaps it is time to shut ‘er down. Shut ’em all down. Perhaps it is time for a monumental wake-up call.  Shut down between Oct. 11th and the 13th.  Head to Toronto or simply stay home; just shut it down.

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