People are stupid; throw rocks at them

stupid-peopleI’m sure everyone is familiar with the expression: “We are all entitled to our opinions.” Apparently not. We are entitled to our opinions as long as they don’t conflict with the opinions of someone else. (Chew on the ramifications of that for while…) We all believe our opinions are the “right” opinions otherwise they wouldn’t be opinions, they would be facts. I think my opinion is the right one but, I don’t believe, for a moment, that anyone else believes this. My opinion is the right one – for me. For example, I truly believe that the Charter of Quebec Values is simply another example of the gradualism being employed by the racist Parti Quebecoise. Their end game is to create a totalitarian regime, based on the concept of pure laine Quebecois culture (a myth but whatever), not unlike Hitler’s dream of an Aryan nation. This is my opinion and it is based on observation, based on the actions of the P.Q’s in all areas of life in Quebec, from naming our children, to our deaths.

The internet has grown into something that almost defies imagination in its global scope and influence. The most important aspect of the internet, the user, has not grown. The internet is the digital age, the users – by and large – are still stuck in caves, beating each other with metaphorical clubs.

Who has not “unfriended” or “blocked” someone due to conflicting opinions? Who hasn’t seen an “ex” defame them online?

Our opinions are our own. Opinions are our intellectual fingerprints and are as individual as such. We are all entirely free to agree with an opinion or disagree. The latter must always be “respectfully beg to disagree”. Slamming, name calling, slander and just general asshattery is never acceptable in any circumstance and that includes the internet with its cyber-bunker created via our keyboards and monitors.

Oh hell, I am just as guilty of flying off the handle as the next person but I am trying to advance my cyber-maturity to a point where this is not going to be an issue. If I absolutely do not agree with an individual with whom I am communicating, online, I am working on simply withdrawing from a conversation BEFORE it gets heated and ugly. Just as he/she is entitled to their opinion, so am I. I am not, nor are they, entitled to insult, defame and otherwise behave like Neanderthals with virtual clubs.

Unfriending and blocking are becoming issues within our social fabric but are less then tempests in teapots in the grand design of things. People change, friends change, family changes, the fabric continues to be woven as we go. Sometimes a piece that doesn’t fit our personal life pattern or design requires removal; it will be replaced or a new seam sewn. That’s life. Sad, perhaps unfair, but there you have it.

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