Ouija – Never Ends Well

Ouija board

This post has been moved to:  http://spookycanada.wordpress.com/  I am receiving too many submissions of merit to simply slap them up here.


The Spooky Canada blog will be a compilation of events related to me, experienced by me or my family as well as stories/tales of places, people or things with one thing in common; the paranormal or the supernatural.





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2 responses to “Ouija – Never Ends Well

  1. I am a big fan of Ouija boards. I think the reason they have a bad reputation is due to what is called the availability heuristic. We hear about the bad stories, but we rarely hear about the good ones. This is the same cognitive effect that makes people misunderstand statistical risk (we assume airplanes are more dangerous than cars, because airplane accidents get global news coverage, car accidents rarely do, despite far more people having accidents in cars).

    Every cloud also has a silver lining. Take your story above, for example. Instead of banishing the demon, once it is identified why not bind it and make it do your will? It seems like it could be a positive experience, one to bring learning and power.

  2. I respectfully beg to disagree. Their bad reputation is not due to Hollywood, to books nor due to availability heuristics. The Ouija is the unknown factor in the equation. It will always be the unknown factor by virtue of what the Ouija board represents; an open door to those things that are yet unknown and are unknowable to humanity, in our current state of evolution. What I read in your reply is a dangerous and an arrogant habit of mankind and that is to apply human characteristics and standards to energies/entities not of humanity. Bind a demon???? There are far more practiced magicians than I who shy away from the concept of binding a demon. Most come to understand that this “binding” is a sham used by the energies and the binding can be broken at any time. We propose nothing in the sight of the unknown. The Ouija is simply a shortcut for whatever seeks a way in – be it positive, neutral or negative. There is no real protection from what comes through that door. There is no binding. There is no real dismissal if the energy chooses to stick around a bit and have some fun, at the individual(s) expense. To believe that we can control any of this is hubris. Crowley found this out, Parsons as well; any magician worth their salt does not claim the capacity to control an entity, a demon or negative spirit – whatever you wish to call it. They realize it is simply a metaphysical crap shoot and one day, like Mr. Parsons, their luck will run out, so why hurry the process by engaging in such an unpredictable and potentially dangerous practice as is found with the use of a Ouija board?

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