Bothersome Ghost

This post has been moved to:  I am receiving too many submissions of merit to simply slap them up here.

The Spooky Canada blog will be a compilation of events related to me, experienced by me or my family as well as stories/tales of places, people or things with one thing in common; the paranormal or the supernatural.



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5 responses to “Bothersome Ghost

  1. I would love, love, love to have these experiences in your home someday.

    • No, you wouldn’t sweetie. We had a medium in here; she was a friend of a friend, and came to a Bar B Q. She had no idea about the house, Dave – none. She walked in the front door and made a bee-line out the back and refused to come back in. It was pretty bad.

  2. I’ve had a few experiences in my day in various locations, but none as concrete as you say. I’m not sensitive like your medium friend, so I wouldn’t be affected in that way. Who knows how I would react to some spiritual interaction. I might freak out or I might think “Now that’s different!”

  3. Joby

    Have had experiences myself. Well…I told you and the group about them. And not just in one house. It does creep you at. Or at least it did me. I think it was more in the sense that my house was not *my* house. The one place you should be able to feel comfortable in and you can’t. But, when you wake up with your baby on the changing table (when you know you’ve put him in the crib), finger like bruises on your arm, music shows up on the tape recorder that you did not hear while taping…well, as you say, “incidents.”

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