Demons, Devils and Evocations

PazuzuPazuzu. Hollywood made him famous; he had been forgotten for millennia. He’s a demigod/demon and as Hollywood is prone to do, portrayed incorrectly in the film. Pazuzu was not all that bad; he was reputed to protect humanity from plagues carried on the winds, protected women and babies during childbirth.

Historically, demons are never “all that bad” – they have duality. They were good and bad, however, with the advent of monotheistic belief, demons were…wait for it – “demonized” 😉 No longer were they permitted duality – they were just bad. Exiled, sent to Coventry, removed from the hearts and minds of man/womankind. In fact, some monotheistic tales warn us, simply saying a demon’s name, out loud, will cause it to notice the individual, could cause it to make an unscheduled soul stealing/eating side trip. Saying the name gave the demon more power.

Duality exists in the concept of the monotheistic god; dude decimated the world with a flood, hit Egypt with plagues of locusts, diseases and for some bizarre reason – toads. Pagan deities are accepted as possessing duality but somehow, the Judeo-Christians don’t allow for the duality concept in their deity. Everything this guy does is for mankind’s own good and isn’t bad. Floods aren’t bad. Destroying Sodom and Gomorrah along with all their inhabitants wasn’t bad – it was a good thing. Okey-dokey then.

Judeo-Christianity and its hypocrisy, its lack of reason boggles my mind and I’m moving away from it for the purpose of this blog.

Evocation of demons is a known, albeit not a common, practice in some occult schools. The evocations are performed for a number of different reasons, using a number of different methods. Some are easy to perform and some are, in my opinion, unnecessarily complex. People love to make themselves seem all magickal and mysterious. Personally, I’ve found the folks who go in for the whole complex methodology have some pretty big personality issues and are best avoided.

But, what are demons? My blog, my theory.

Through research, reading and some practical work (some of which made me feel really silly); I’ve come to the conclusion that demons are not separate from humanity but are an integral part of everyone. Not entities per se but rather our own emotions personified vis a vis our unconscious. Once upon a time, humanity had no understanding, had no words, no concept of the power of the human mind and when things went terribly wrong within an individual, the only explanation would be demonic possession. The same applied to the physical world; if a disease hit the village? Well then, it had to be an evil force.

A massive storm? We know what causes them now but in the “ago”, cold and warm fronts were simply non-existent in the knowledge base of man. An earthquake, volcanic eruption, famine, drought – there were no explanations available so in order to make sense of the inexplicable? Demons, gods and demigods were created.

Schizophrenia. It was a total mystery to us, not so very long ago, in fact, we still don’t completely understand it and someone in the throes of a schizophrenic delusion certainly looks and sounds as if they are possessed.

An interesting theory regarding the Salem witches involves a common family of fungi found on rye and other grains; ergot fungi. This fungus causes something called ergotism which is characterized by seizures, spasms, vomiting and ? Hallucinations. In 1951, Pont-Saint-Esprit, a village in France fell victim to a mass poisoning that some attribute to ergotism. A rather famous recreation drug created from fungus is LSD. It can cause seizures, psychosis and other unpleasant side effects when incorrectly “manufactured” but when done properly? LSD provides the user with an escape from reality through hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. It has, of course, its dark side; mind control and used as a form of torture. The American C.I.A. was fond of it during the 50’s and 60’s, perhaps even now.

Ergot is created on grains due to damp weather and apparently or rather according to the theorists of the Salem witch trials; this was the type of weather being experienced by Salem at that time. The people thought to be victims of witchcraft were, in fact, simply suffering the poisonous effects of rye fungus but, this was not part of our scientific knowledge base, therefore, it had to be “them damned witches”. And people died due to ignorance.

Demon possession; there are still those, walking among us, who believe that demons exist and are constantly on the look-out for a tasty soul to chew on. In Judaism, there is the dybbuk. There have been a few films made, centering on the tale but they never made quite the splash of “The Exorcist” and its spawn. It is so much easier for us, for humanity, to lay the blame of evil at the feet of entities we want to believe as being “not of us.” Crock. Possession is an illness, a psychiatric illness. It is from the part of the psyche that we all try to keep in check. Our negative selves. The animal instinct that we repress as civilized human beings.

The evocation of a specific demon, is simply the removal of the self-imposed restraints we create to harness the evil in all of us. An evocation simply gives life to that part of ourselves that we, through evolution, have placed in our own psychological oubliette, chained, shackled and forgotten.

The brain is the key to possession, to evocations; it is the power of the mind that gives demons personification. The same is true of angels; we can personify our interpretation of an angel in the same manner. Special seals and ancient Hebrew aren’t the key to summoning up a demon. The mind is the key and that demon being summoned is simply a reflection of ourselves. Surely, that makes the practice even more terrifying but by the same token, it is purifying. Acknowledging the evil in ourselves is the first step toward truly conquering it.

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  1. Very enjoyable read! While I am not in 100% agreement, I truly enjoyed hearing your views. Well written.

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