Ariel Castro: Missed Opportunity?

the deadMake no mistake; didn’t know the man but I’m glad he’s dead. I’m happy that the good people of Ohio will not have to pay for his upkeep. There isn’t a word in the English language that adequately describes what this man was, in life. His sister was quoted as stating the following:

“[People will] see the other side of Ariel Castro … not the monster that everyone thinks he is.” Yet, she refused to attend the trial, Ms. Alicea said she wouldn’t attend the hearing because she didn’t want to listen to what she feared would be too-graphic details.

Yes, she was his sister but I am afraid she is dead wrong here; he was a monster. I’m not sure if his type of monstrosity is “born” or if it is created, by man; not unlike Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. A sum of broken parts.

This is a missed opportunity, this apparent suicide of Ariel Castro. What could have been learned from him? What invaluable information could have been gleaned from his life, his psychology, his physiology, that could, in some measure, help to prevent another, such as him, from being created? The same could be said of Ted Bundy, of Dahmer, Gacy and Henry Lee Lucas. What storms in life create the German dictator who brought the world to war and murdered millions? Why do the majority of people weather storms and although damaged, live their lives without preying on humanity?

What creates the psychopath? It is actually terrifying how very little we know about the creation of human monsters. In Montreal, a monster who lived in our city but not a native son, will soon be brought to face his accusers; Luca Magnotta ( (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman; July 24, 1982). We already know that he exhibited the classic warning signs of a psychopath – intense cruelty to animals but instead of, like Dahmer, doing this in secret – Magnotta/Newman was under a compulsion to show the world what he was – an animal. He’s obviously narcissistic. He sees beauty in his own face and body, where the rest of the world sees ugliness. A face created through plastic surgery – fake and really? Not such a great job. Did he see his own ugliness of self when he looked in the mirror and that’s what drove him to plastic surgery? The real Eric Newman.

What happened to him? Was he born ugly of soul and simply honed the ugliness, in the hope that no one else would see what he really was? Epic fail. We all see the hideousness of the man, now. Plastic surgery was simply a pale mask that would never hide the truth for long.

We are all surrounded by the broken. Some are narcissists – and some are sociopaths . Few of us, fortunately, run into psychopaths: I know that I have had and have the first two sorts in my life as I’m sure, do many of you. We may work with them, live next door to them or they may be associated through friendship/relationships. Gods forbid any of you are in a close personal relationship with one of them.

There is so much to learn about human psychology and I wonder, how many lives may be saved in the future, if we only have the opportunity to truly study these diseased, broken minds.


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4 responses to “Ariel Castro: Missed Opportunity?

  1. Joby

    Apparent suicide is right. Gib & I just looked at each other when we heard he had hung himself. Now, I’m not saying you can’t kill yourself in 30 minutes, but when the guards supposedly check on him every 1/2 hour…

  2. I have to say, I agree on the wasted opportunity part. These folk, once imprisoned should become case studies. That would at least make them useful.

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