Let Him Who Hath Understanding Reckon The Number Of The Beast


I am going to “postulate”. Kind of sounds like a skin condition involving boils or sores or something, doesn’t it?

Kind of apropos for this piece.

I’ve long held a fascination with apocalyptic writings, theories on this devil persona and the people who believe in the mythology. This has led me to read and research in some very strange areas. I’ve done the Satanic Bible. It was a joke, it was childish, nonsensical and as close to plagiarism as you can get. Most of the material is Thelemic but perverted, twisted to meet an end. A con-man’s end. Don’t believe me?

I recently read “The Birth of Satan” but at the same time, I also read something called “Not in Kansas Anymore” by Christine Wicker.

The Birth of Satan book had my panties in a knot as it was, then I read a short paragraph by Christine on the reaction of people when she told them she would be doing an investigative piece on magic/Magick in America.

Went a little nuclear…here is the paragraph that in combination with a discussion I was waving with someone else and the whole Birth of Satan thing, created the necessary ingredients for an explosion.

Quote from Page 4:

“They’re power-hungry, the mundanes said of the magical people. They’re immoral, people said, and they’re scary. Playing with the dark arts could plunge me into evil. I’d be pulled toward depravity, they said. Blasphemy would begin to seem like truth, bad like good, God like Satan. It had happened to people through the centuries, they said. And they were right. All that did happen.”

Yup, my opinion? It did all happen only it was the other way around and it wasn’t any entity called Satan either. It was Christianity and its application of a mish-mash of religious beliefs, stirred together by some guy named Jesus and his “homies.”

Let’s take a brief tour of the bible, shall we

  1. Exactly how many towns did Satan destroy? Zip.
  2. How many plagues did this “evil” guy send out to torment the world? None.
  3. That big flood? Was that Satan or the other dude? Other dude.
  4. How many people have died to honour this Satan? Not a one.
  5. Or been slaughtered in his name? None.

I have read the bible…don’t recall Satan ever asking for a child to be sacrificed, even if it was just some kind of perverse test of faith. And what about Job and all those horrendous events foisted on him due to a gamble, a bet between God and this devil? What kind of mind would come up with a test so horrible, so cruel?

Let me answer that one, for you. An evil one.

Who was it that sacrificed his own son? Lucifer? The Adversary? Ha-Satan?

Who was it that allowed said son to be tortured, humiliated and finally left to die, slowly, in one of the worst ways possible? This would be that Jehovah, One God…Allah…whatever name he’s adopted for the time and place.

And exactly who was it who sentenced women to give birth in blood and in pain? Not that Satan guy. In fact, the only thing the snake suggested was a little knowledge might not be a bad thing for Adam and Eve. Could be the snake had a better handle on the personality of this so-called “God” than ordinarily assumed.

All three of the big religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity believe in this one god. This guy who advocates hate, killing, genocide and every other ‘cide’ you can come up with.

Was it Satan who claimed that witches should be burned at the stake? Hung from trees. Torn apart by wild dogs? Nope. Not him. He never spoke a word on the topic.

In fact, I am having one helluva time (no pun intended..okay, yeah..it was intended ) finding one thing that Satan requested that was evil. All the true evil, the most horrendous evil, has been perpetrated in this one god’s name or at his, specific, request.

In fact? Everything I’ve read and researched and I’ve done a lot of it – speaks of one thing. There never was a Satan. Not this dark and terrible entity living in a place with out of control central heating.

He was created to explain away all the nastiness in the world. His persona was drawn from the myth of Gilgamesh, from Zoastrian belief, and a bunch of other ancient myths. Including Judaism. God was the one who sent angels to commit atrocities against humanity. The angels were just following orders.

The angels…and which one was the first and foremost brutal tool of this one god?

Not Lucifer.

T’was Gabriel. He wrought all kinds of havoc for his boss.

And Lucifer? Nada. He, according to legend, wanted to BE god, felt he could do a much better job. And considering this one god’s record of at, the very least, dubious accomplishments? He probably could have.

This one god? Murdered Lot’s wife…for what? Looking over her shoulder. Turned the poor woman into a pillar of salt.

Kept old Moses and his crew wandering the desert for 40 years.

Before that? Had the Jews in slavery.

Let’s look at the cast of current characters, doing “god’s work.”

We had Osama, slaughtering on behalf of his Allah. We had Jerry Falwell.

We have Pat Robertson, purveyors of hatred and religious bigotry.

Let’s not forget Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye.

Ted Haggard.

I could list the evil done in their one god’s name until the apocalypse.

We had Torquemada. Cotton Mather. A list of people who have brought pain, fear and more evil than any Satan could have possibly dreamed of creating.

And the Catholic Church. The protector of all things truly evil. Child molesters, murderers, rapists.

And this Satan guy is supposed to be the epitome of evil?

The lack of logic gives me a headache. That so many billions of people could have swallowed this crap is really depressing.

Truly, is the human race that stupid?

(Don’t answer..please, don’t answer…I’ll want to jump off a bridge..)

And so, WE are the evil ones?

Those of us who look to magick to provide a little more “soul” to our lives? Those of us who practice to create beauty, peace and contentment with what we have been given?

Those of us who understand that no god should be demanding blood in sacrifice. Past practices, notwithstanding. We’ve grown since then, unlike the Big 3 who have remained in stasis most of the time, with occasional forays into barbarism, just for chuckles or to appease this blood thirsty deity of theirs.

We should be burned at the stake, murdered for our beliefs? We, Witches.

Our Deities demand no blood sacrifices from us. Our Deities demand that we live in truth and honour. And we’re the ones fooled?

Does anyone else see something horribly, horribly wrong with this picture?

Perhaps the bible is missing a few books…perhaps the evil one they refer to so often, won the war. Perhaps Revelations already occurred.

Maybe this Evil One has been having a great time fooling them all. Having himself a real blood party.

Maybe the real god was cast out. Maybe all these good, faithful servants of god have been hornswoggled. I mean really, how much honest and good faith could someone who has been known as God’s Rottweiler teach his followers?

Perhaps I have been fooled by Satan. Fooled into doing as much good as I can, as an individual in this world. Perhaps he’s worked his wiles on me, causing me to raise my children to be honest, hard-working and moral men. Telling me not to lie or to steal or to hate. If that’s the case? Then paint me red, paste some horns on my head and call me a Devil Worshipper. I would rather live my life as an honest, hard-working woman of good intent than a blind sheep following a blood thirsty god who demands human sacrifice.

So, the conclusion I’ve come to believe, is a possibility? The real evil one won the war of Revelations and his followers all wear the sign. The crucifix.


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3 responses to “Let Him Who Hath Understanding Reckon The Number Of The Beast

  1. Two things:
    The book “The Origin of Satan: How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics” by Elaine Pagels. You can get it from Amazon.

    And – Read the first chapter of Job, where “Satan” makes a bet with God.

    • I think I read the Origin – I love Pagels. I may have missed it but I would be surprised; I’m like Deena and her Anne Rice with Pagels. As for Job? Sunday School, confirmation classes – read it. The entire victimization of Job was this Yahweh’s idea – the only bibles, I have around here, are the King James versions which cast god in an even worse light. He washes his hands of the actual testing by tasking Satan to do his dirty work for him.

  2. Yep. You see it, I see it (now), and there’s not much more to say about it.
    I just leave them alone, unless and until they interfere in my life.
    Have you done any research in the “Michael Teachings”? It is channeled material, and they do acknowledge the resulting mistakes that sometimes happen, but it does answer why people are the way they are. I see it as one possible answer. It more or less matches what people say in past life / life between lives regressions, if you take that seriously.

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