MON Québec est pour tous; chrétien, musulman, juif, français, anglais ou Klingon

TowerThis blog goes out to the person who felt the need to comment without any visible signs of understanding the global issues for Québec and a total lack of vocabulary in either language.  (Note: Fuck is not a French word, by the way.)

Why should I go “back” down the 401?  I was born here.  I am not “British” nor am I responsible for the French being defeated at the Plains of Abraham.  Read your history books; that defeat was all on France.  They left Québec hanging in the wind.  While I may be older than yourself; I can assure you that I was not there, nor did I murder any “patriots.”  Another observation for you – “patriots” to whom?  Québec was not a sovereign nation but rather territory of France; the country that left its soldiers and citizens to die, in a battle that they, as a country, walked away from.

My family is from Europe as well, not England – Ireland (check into the abuses heaped on the Irish by your vrai souche brethren), and Eastern Europe.  My husband’s family arrived between 1645 and 1649, from France and Germany.  My children are all fluently bilingual – spoken and written.

This is as much my Québec as it is yours and if you wish to look at history; Québec doesn’t belong to either one of us – it belongs to the people who lived here and had their own traditions, religion and language taken from them, the aboriginal tribes of North America.  Living in glass houses and throwing stones is never a good plan.

I know my history; it might be a good plan for you to learn your own, M. Patriote and just for your edification?  Our histories are the same.

My personal vision for this province is for it to become a driving economic force, a place where people live with a common goal – the good of all, not just the select few.  The language of global business is English, this doesn’t take away respect from French, nor does it put the language or culture in jeopardy. You cannot legislate respect for culture; the more you legislate, the more like a backwater nation it becomes.

It should not matter if a Quebecois(e) wears a hijab, a yarmulke or a pair of Levis as long as the vision for a strong Québec is their priority.  This can only be achieved with a cultural pluralism.  The world’s doors were thrown open to all and Québec now had very vital choice to make – step outside and seize the opportunities offered or hide out in the basement, outlawing “pasta” and terrorizing small business.

The French culture of Québec is in no danger; I’m shocked that my fellow citizens are being taken in by this smoke screen. Such an old and tired political ploy – “the smoke screen”, it is designed to divert the attention from the real issues; corruption on every level, no money for adequate medical care, our elder citizens being treated no better than animals, a deplorable education system, dangerous infrastructure, cronyism, nepotism, police forces out of control, an overloaded justice and prison system.

If Québec continues down its current bigoted path?  It really will be a distinct society; one of xenophobia, financial collapse and hopelessness while the bureaucrats enjoy lobsters on their Christmas trees (look it up) and politicians lounge on the yachts of organized crime bosses.

Be afraid young man, be very afraid.  When this banana republic fails, the politicians will be gone and the only thing left of Québec will be poverty and want.


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3 responses to “MON Québec est pour tous; chrétien, musulman, juif, français, anglais ou Klingon

  1. Back down the 401? That’s as bad as those telling anyone with dark skin to go back to Africa. It tells you way more about the person who said it than they would want you to know about them (mostly intellect!)

    • That’s an absolute standard response to any Anglophone who has the temerity to disagree with a separatist. Water off our backs at this point. You hear “Prenez le 401, mon tabernac!” Or “Retournez d’où tu viens!” Well, a lot of people are just leaving, period – Francophone, Anglophone and Allophone. The 401 is the favoured route but some are going to the States. And never to return.

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