Hypocrisy, Bigotry and Life in Quebec

080711_1441_1.jpgYou can paint a turd any way you choose but it is still a piece of sh*t. It stinks and is made up of the worst of components; such is the consistency of Quebec’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values. No religious garb, of any sort, in public institutions except however, the crucifix in the house of parliament in Quebec. It is part of Quebec culture and worthy of a place in government.  

Park that symbol in your mind for a moment as I go on to discuss some of the opinions that are being heard in Quebec, those bigots who support this piece of racist bullcrap.

The burqa, the hijab, the chador, the yarmulke, the sari, the turban and I assume the chosen mode of dress in the Hasidic community will not be permitted to be worn by any public servant. Any overt religious symbol will be forbidden, unless of course, it is a discreet crucifix. That’s a-ok.

This is totalitarianism in its infancy. How about we all wear the same clothing to work? Little uniforms, with perhaps identifiers as to our backgrounds? Little Irish flag for those of us of Irish descent, perhaps a little flag of Israel, Egypt and while we’re add it, why not also add a little badge that identifies our language at home? We could give the OQLF little blue and white uniforms of their own; they could walk into businesses and close them down for not respecting Quebec values.

The minister in charge of the status of women in Quebec refers to the burqa, hijab and chador as symbols of the oppression of women. Okay, now pull that crucifix symbol back down – the crucifix has been a symbol of oppression, torture, murder, rape and abuse for centuries. Women in Quebec were trapped in marriages, forced to give birth and accept abuse without a word for hundreds of years. The Catholic Church would still have this happen, their doctrine has not changed but having this symbol, dripping in the blood of women and innocents, hanging in parliament reflect Quebec values?

In light of the spirit of this Charter of Values, I would have to agree, that crucifix is a symbol of Quebec values; homophobic, racist, misogynist and totalitarian.

Being served in a public building by an individual wearing a piece of their own tradition doesn’t impact me, in any way, shape or form. My only concern is that the task for which they are paid is done professionally.

Montreal has decided, unanimously, I might add, to not support this travesty of proposed government backed racism. After many years feeling shame for Montreal’s municipal government, I am happy to feel pride in their decision. Montreal is a multicultural city, working toward finding a place in the global village, while Quebec has decided to take the banana republic route and declare itself a little bastion of intolerance and injustice. At this point in time? Perhaps the real solution is to let Quebec’s xenophobic territories secede from Canada and Montreal to secede from Quebec, remaining in Canada, and taking part in this new world reality – where race, creed or religion does not play a part in judging its citizens. The ability to do a job, the ability to respect laws, the desire to make the country a place where we can all feel pride in our citizenship.

I would not be at all surprised to see copies of Mein Kampf on desks throughout the Quebec parliament building.


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12 responses to “Hypocrisy, Bigotry and Life in Quebec

    • If the PM was a decent fellow he’d speak out against it, but he isn’t.

      • Wouldn’t matter if he did speak out; the P.Q’s would start screaming about Federal interference in Quebec culture. Witness: the turban kafuffle and the Canadian Soccer Federation. Quebec just loves to play victim when the opposite is true, they are dumbass bullies.

      • It’s the principle of the thing. There IS federal law being ignored here. They ARE part of Canada, and that’s that. A good PM would point this out.

      • This is where thing get mucky; the Meech Lake Accord was never ratified by Quebec. Quebec was given this “notwithstanding” clause that the province may use whenever it bloody chooses. A very convenient backdoor when they want to trounce on human rights. Quebec has its own Charter of Rights; not that they pay any more attention to that, than they do the Federal Charter. Federal law is relative in Quebec; it depends if the law in question is favourable to the Quebec issue of the hour, if not? They don’t recognize it and there is not a damn thing Canada can do about it.

  1. Colleen

    Karen, you MUST send this to the editors of the newspapers.. this is so well written, perfectly stated.. DO IT!!!

    • Thanks Colleen; no newspaper in Quebec would print it. We only have one really large daily and that’s the Montreal Gazette. They are very circumspect in what they print. I make racist analogies to Germany, that wouldn’t be allowed and more to the point, I would not permit my views to be edited for the sake of political correctness (read: censorship).

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