On Vacation

vacationI’m on vacation; no internet, no phone and no computer.

In my absence: The old gods are dead and should be buried. No longer relevant in today’s society and have not been for some time. New Archetypes need to be enthroned. What should they be?

God of Chaos Theory? Goddess of Nuclear Physics? God of Quantum Physics? Goddess of Technology? Media, Electronics, Space, Time….

Discuss. And if this is too boring a concept?

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2 responses to “On Vacation

  1. I would say the gods are still there, they just require recycling of their domains of influence, pet projects and responsibilities.

    Many time the jobs and purpose of a God or Goddess were redefined in the older days to reflect the desired influences of the current king/emperor/pharaoh/lord of the day or the new ways of thinking of the populace in general.

    Even saints are known to get in on the act these days when they suddenly are patrons that help the frustrated christian find a parking spot or get to the weekend retreats without getting caught in the crowds on the highway.

    Nothing is ever really dead, it might rot or rust on the discard piles for a few years or decades, but as we all know “everything old is new again” at some point. Besides, recycling is just plain better for the planet

    😉 Happy Vacation!

  2. Colleen

    Have a fabulous time. I’ll be thinking of you guys.. wishing we were with you!

    All hail the Goddess Caffeina!! And her sister Chocolata!!

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