My Canada Isn’t Defined By Race, Creed or Language

multiculturalismThis is my Canada. Don’t know how you visualize your Canada but this is mine. This is our future and you know what? I welcome that future. There is no white European overlord anymore. Those days are gone and good freaking riddance because it served no one but the white elite. The mentality created divisions, consciously and with malice, designed suspicion and hatred of anyone non-European white and of course, Christian.

What difference does it make where your family came from? We need to remove the hyphen and understand that once we enter this country and call it our home. Once we make that commitment to the country and proudly, take on the citizenship – we are Canadian. We aren’t Irish Canadian, we aren’t Spanish Canadian, we aren’t African Canadian – we are simply and proudly, Canadian.

Each new wave of immigrants choosing to arrive on our shores enriches and subtly helps our identities to blossom. They bring with them a new approach to culture, a new palate, a new form of expression, of art, of learning, of communication. And of course, worship.

While those of us here have a moral and ethical obligation to welcome anyone who wishes to be a Canadian so too, do our new Canadians have an obligation to leave their prejudice and hatreds on the other side of our doorstep. New Canadians must be made to understand that there is no place for religious law in this country. New Canadians must be fully educated as to what it means to live in a democratic society. Feel free to hold up Quebec as an example of what North American democracy IS NOT.

Our past, individual and collective, is past; it’s over, it’s done – we need to turn the page and move forward, writing new chapters as we go. Oh sure, we can look back and learn from mistakes but we should not be looking back through fantasy glasses.

All of us need to erase the labels we’ve attached to ourselves. It is the only way we can come together as Canadians. Erase the German-Canadian, the English-Canadian, the French-Canadian – just be a Canadian.

You wear the hijab? I wear a ponytail. You wear a sari? I wear a Boston Bruins t-shirt. Your husband wears a dastar? Mine wears a baseball cap. Those are all accoutrements – they do not define whether or not you are a “real” Canadian.

July 1st is Canada Day. Are you a Canadian or just a hyphenated Canadian with identity issues?

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