Requiem and Resurrection?


It was a long weekend in Quebec; it’s over.

A great weekend, a relaxing weekend, a fun weekend. A pretty darn productive weekend. All the tarantulas had their enclosures cleaned – it was supposed to be a joint effort but I passed out on the sofa; terrible headache. While I snored with a 100+ pound dog also manufacturing “zzz’s”, on my legs and apparently with his nose up my butt: partner and best friend, cleaned all the critters, including one with massive fangs and a bad, bad, attitude. They are, currently and still, less than impressed with the cleanliness of their environments. If T’s are capable of glaring, balefully, at you – they are doing so still…

A couple of trips on the motorcycle to local destinations, a visit to our youngest son’s home, some ice cream and a hurried trip back before it started to storm. I am not a fan of riding in the rain.

The larger of our pythons also benefitted from a revamp/cleaning of her enclosure; she too, is less than impressed with the whole deal and while stuffing her netting into the washing machine – Python Karma hit and I found a delinquent python tooth, which embedded itself into my poor finger. She had her revenge.

Then, the pond – the Koi and the Plecos were far more appreciative of the cleaning efforts.

It was just one of those lovely weekends, unmarred by controversy, no unwanted visitors, no JW’s ringing the doorbell at an ungodly hour…it was hot, it was humid but just one of those incredible Montreal weekends.

We’ll pay the price this week, for sure; a 5 day week crammed into 4 days and another long weekend, creating urgency with suppliers and vendors…get the stuff out, YESTERDAY! My vacation happens the last week of July and first week of August. I think I’ll take some time during those 2 weeks to re-assess my employment. I’m getting very tired of my job, tired of the drama, even my mantra is wearing, dangerously, thin “I have a job and millions don’t.” Of course, the problem is that I do have a boss that the vast majority of people can only dream of having but he’s smart, he knows the business, he’s trilingual and someone like this will be made an offer he can’t refuse…and that’ll be it. I’ll have to deal with some new person, trying to make his/her mark and the predictable penis measuring contest will ensue. I’m, quite frankly, getting too old for the nonsense. I am at the point where I actually hate having to make the effort to get out my front door in the morning. I used to enjoy it – I loved the challenges but when the same challenges appear, day after day? It simply ceases to be interesting. It becomes humdrum and routine.

I miss transport – good old, ground transport. Dealing with drivers, organizing loads and there was a time when I actually loaded the trucks – those were the days. No real psychological bullshit and angst. You received the paperwork, you loaded the truck according to the routing and that was it. It was very physical work and I’m simply not capable of it anymore but it was so much less tiring on the mind than dealing with egos and delusions of grandeur, which is what permeates my office atmosphere currently.

Well, I guess I have stalled about more than I should have done but damn, I really don’t want to deal with the politics today.

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