Human Boogers

noseyYou simply have to envy the human boogers among us; to have a life so simple, so uncomplicated that being up everyone else’s nose can be such a priority.

It happens everywhere – in family situations, in the workplace, in gyms, arenas, pitches and fields to larger venues, villages – towns and even cities. I wish my life was so uncomplicated, so lacking in events that I could spend my precious time poking myself in where I don’t belong.

We have, among our ranks, in my workplace, such an individual. Her nose for business that is none of hers, rivals Jean-Paul Depardieu’s schnauze. In idle moments, I am amazed at her techniques; hiding behind corners, standing quietly just out of sightline – listening in on phone conversations and peeking at computer monitors. I confess, there are times when I would love to set her up and leave something on my monitor to really knot her under drawers but, would that not be sinking way down the ladder of good taste and professionalism? Absolutely, it would but it would also be damn funny. Perhaps one day. 😉

People?! Life is too short to wander about yakking about the work habits or personal behaviours of others. We all have our issues, our good and bad habits, behaviours and doings. Our main concern should be introspection when we have spare time – not intruding into the lives of others, whether or not they know of it. This is especially relevant in the workplace. I know of no company wherein the job description, the tasks for which we are paid, includes:

  1. Employee must know all the nitty details of his/her co-workers personal lives.
  2. Employee must pass judgment on all matters totally unrelated to his/her designated position.
  3. Employee must speculate and draw incorrect conclusions based on little to no evidence at all times.

All three of the above can be applied in every facet, every place and time in our lives. There will always be someone who feels that it is their appointed duty to know all of our secrets, to theorize, to conclude based on minimal information and usually, no facts.

To be one of these people is to have no insight into self. To be one of these people announces to the world that his/her own life is so lacking in substance that the personal and private lives of others becomes a skewed priority. Personally, I have found that my own character requires my time to mend, repair and generally tweak my faults. And after all these decades? There is still an Everest sized mountain of work to be done. Designing and creating speculations related to others doesn’t fall into my concept of time well spent.

One of the things that I have concluded, however, is that someone, in the workplace, with the time required to intrude and hypothesize about co-workers, cannot possibly be busy with their own job.

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  1. Your last paragraph says it all, and if I were management I would follow a basic rule of thumb, anyone busy with gossip (or other time-wasting behaviour) is clearly not doing what they were to do, and they’d be gone.

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