Un Quebec pour tous..BUT

Laughing cowThat’s one of their slogans and like most advertising, it is bull manure. There are many codicils to this Un Quebec pour tous thing; what isn’t mentioned is that “tous” means anyone white, Christian and French speaking, although if you are of colour and speak French, you can stand at the back of the Quebec bus, as long as you keep your mouth shut and toe the racist line. I believe the term in Quebec would probably translate to – Nos oncle Tom.

Turbans. Soccer. Hijab. Soccer. Italian. Italian restaurant menu.

The debate rages around Quebec. Well, THEY should stay in their own countries if they don’t like it. My, the logic and intelligence just drips from that statement, doesn’t it? Early settlers to Quebec did not exactly respect the culture present in this country but this is the standard – “Do what I say, not what I do” mentality of the stupid. When the Irish arrived, they met with prejudice and bigotry. They were victims of slurs, exclusions and financial abuses. The Ukrainians, the Chinese, the Germans, the Italians, were all met with cultural slurs, prejudice and exclusions, in fact, many cultures saw themselves interned in camps – look up Spirit Lake sometime.  

And if you were Jewish? Well now – you couldn’t belong to particular clubs, you couldn’t live in certain areas right up until the 1960’s when laws actually had to be passed in order to outlaw this type of bigoted ignorance.

We’ve seen wave upon wave of cultures enter this country, looking to share our view of freedom and the chance for better lives. We opened the doors but there are many doors and we neglect to give our new Canadians the key, so they are trapped in foyers – they can’t go back and we won’t let them move forward.

Absolutely, there are things that newcomers bring with them that may be detrimental to Canada and our view of what it means to be Canadian. Sharia Law for example; absolutely no place for this in our society. Cultural bias and bigotry absolutely must remain outside our borders but by the same token, it must be removed from our society as well. Particularly in Quebec.

The Canadian Soccer Federation laid down the law to Quebec Soccer Association and the Quebec government is throwing its usual ridiculous tantrum…”You aren’t the boss of me!!” as it, once again, shoots itself in the foot. I’m surprised, in consideration of our present government, reigned over by our Reine La Vache Qui Rit, has any part of the feet left to shoot.

Here is a news flash for the white robe wearing members of Canadian society – open your windows and look outside. The world is changing, Canada is changing, it is moving forward. Get over yourselves – white skin and light eyes are simply genetic mutations, unlike your ignorance which is a personal choice and a particularly distasteful one.

A woman wearing a chador, a hijab or a sari are not “less than” the female wearing outfits that allow you to see what she had for lunch. Those women are as Canadian as is the woman in the business suit on the bus or the train next to you. These women have the right to wear what they choose, without commentary from the knuckle draggers, draped in their Canadian flags.

Our country is not a “white country” – this country, its provinces were actually “red” countries so the whole cultural identity thing is hogwash when you look at the nuts and bolts. We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation full of cultures that arrived here, in many cases, fleeing oppression, bigotry, war and death.  To be fair, however, cultures are welcomed here as long as they understand our laws are not open for negotiation. You hit your wife, you beat your kids? You go to jail.  Unless you are a part of the white elite, in which case, you are permitted to get away with it – Google “Guy Turcotte”.

Back to this whole turban thing – most Sikh boys and the ones I’ve seen on the pitch and in the media are not wearing the Sikh turban as usually understood in Western culture but a variation called the patka. It is an unobtrusive head covering unless you are part of the culture of ignorance and object because it isn’t “White Canadian”. What’s the problem? It isn’t a safety issue; the objection is quite plain to see, regardless of rhetoric – the objection is bigoted and ugly. You can’t pretty up shit regardless of what colour you paint it. The controversy is not a controversy – it is racism, plain and simple. Funny how no one objected to patki when the Sikhs fought in our wars, isn’t it? Weird how that went down. You can die on our behalf but you can’t play soccer with a patka because it’s TOO dangerous!!

Wake up, you racist blockheads – Canada is changing, the world is changing. As long as we respect common sense and retain our basic freedoms, we can learn, we can love and we can laugh with so many of our fellow Canadians, regardless of race, creed or culture. And to our new Canadians – leave your own racism at the border of your birth countries. Understand our laws and remember that religion has no place in our laws. Respect for all – men, women and children.


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3 responses to “Un Quebec pour tous..BUT

  1. Racism is fear-based, and we have to get over it. Somehow.

  2. Colleen

    So are you going to send that as a letter to the editor of the Montreal Gazette? Hmmm? You should!!

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