prostitution-in-mexicoThere were nationwide demonstrations, in Canada, yesterday, calling for the legalization of prostitution; that these demonstrations are required boggles my poor mind which has already been pushed to wits end by social and cultural stupidity.

Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada; however, communicating for the purpose of prostitution IS illegal. Chew on the implications of that ruling for a bit.

Hooking – few letters to type – is called the oldest profession in the world. It has, I imagine, always been with us, in various guises. Hookers call wives “prostitutes” with low standards. They fuck for clothes, shoes and a residence. I’ve met a few wives who fit that description but sadly, this does opinion or statement reflects more upon the hookers’ own backgrounds and interpretation of marriage – a whole other blog someday. I don’t have sex with my husband for clothes or shelter…I can buy my own, thanks. I have sex with my husband because I love him and personally thing he’s the sexiest thing alive. I’m sorry that these women do not have someone like him in their lives but that is not my burden. It is not your burden. It is their own, to carry. We all have ’em.

I’ve met men who could fall into the same category as some hookers would put wives; corporate execs that do everything but bend over for their higher-ups. They give up everything of true value – their ethics, their morality, and their souls. People will always be willing to sell themselves but corporate type and politicians do so, legally. A hooker, a man or woman who is quite upfront with what they are selling and don’t hide behind Senate doors or behind a desk in a corner office, in my opinion has more morality and ethical standards than a V.P. – M.P. or Senator.

I don’t get it. If absolutely legalized – the danger to the lives of these men and women could be lessened; healthcare, something that they desperately need to maintain, can be assured. And hey – taxes collected, let’s not forget those true whores in political office need their cut. True Pimps, in every sense of the word.

Some of these women are hookers by choice; I get it – the money is great and if done right, you pick your hours and your clients. Years ago, I met an entrepreneur engaged in the business of prostitution. She wore designer dresses and looked stunning. She worked from April to October as a call girl in Montreal. She spent the winter months traveling. She was educated, interesting, an engaging conversationalist and CHOSE her profession. She told me that she could retire at 40.

Granted, she was the exception – she was a hooker with a brain and a goal. Her clients were simply that – clients. They needed a service; she provided said service and was paid, admirably, for her skills. She could have gone into business, worked a “legitimate” job and be the same as the rest of us, slaving to pay our pimps in elected office, their cut skimmed off the top of our labours. Potential retirement a very dim hope and growing dimmer with each passing year. Getting up, slapping back a coffee, showering and slogging off to a place where forced to communicate with people we wouldn’t, ordinarily, give the time of day. Spending more time in these places of employment that with our families. So really? Who was the smarter? Me, with the socially acceptable lifestyle or her? Working 6 months out of the year and traveling for 6 months – saving money so that retirement was a reality.

There are the women with drug addictions that have pushed them to the streets unlike the exceptional woman mentioned above. Legalize prostitution, remove the stigma and offer the choices toward rehabilitation. Some will be helped but reality tells us some will not. We cannot save everyone, something we need to accept. It is total arrogance to believe that we hold the key to someone else’s success or failure. It is absolute and total stupidity to think we will wipe out the oldest profession.

Create legal brothels – a place of work, where these people may ply their trade in safety and return to a home that doesn’t double as their workplace. Allow them to have a home like the rest of us, a refuge from work. Create these brothels and save some of these women from being victims of rapists, of brutality and of serial killers.

Stay out of your fellow human beings personal parts; stop telling them what they may or may not do with said parts. If the demand is there, supply it – safely, legally and without fraudulent claims of morality.


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  1. Of course it should be legal. We have been fed the line that it’s illegality is to protect the public (who?). That, like MOST laws they claim to be to protect the public, is complete bollocks. It is illegal for a number of reasons including a holier than thou attitude, originally from the church, but which made its way into the establishment.

    Such hypocrisy…..http://chovblog.blogspot.ca/2013/02/marriage-is-church-sanctioned.html

  2. What about the comfort woman issue. I don’t think prostitution should be legalized. Legal prostitution leads to the sad result like comfort women. Prostitution should not be allowed for any reason to prevent such sad results.


  3. You don’t need to make prostitution illegal to stop things like the comfort women. You only need to make sexual slavery illegal.

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