Grand Prix; OH NO…

Eurotrash2Shop, bar and bistro owners are all doing the happy dance, rubbing their hands together because it is Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. The rest of us, the folks with a clue, will be hiding out in our homes/apartments and condos. The lucky ones will escape the city completely.

The Eurotrash have already started to arrive; their cologne/perfume raising the air pollution level to “intolerable”. Note to all; perfume and cologne should be a mysterious nuance, not a goddam sensory assault. The testosterone addled young men of the city have been tearing up the roads in their Honda Civics with the neon lights, for a week – this phenomenon continues for about a further 2 weeks after the race pulls down its tents and removes the circus from city. Jackasses playing Felipe Massa in school zones and residential streets and contributing, greatly, to the city’s coffers when they get hit with $1200 speeding tickets.

The average cost per night to stay and watch grown men play with life sized Hot Wheels? $700 per. Then there would be meals, drinks, transportation…that is all relative to the individual. Tickets, for the grandstand will run you about $750 for the 3 days but that’s just the grandstand..mixing with the great unwashed. I read that a Grand Prix vehicle costs, on average, about $7 000, 000.00, then the salaries for the driver(s), the crews, transportation, administration…the cost for entry and teams field 2 cars, for one single race is more than the budget of most countries for education or health care.

Some global perspective? In India – the average salary and this is average, 50 000 rupees. Sounds good? No. That works out to, at today’s exchange rate $916.83 – a year.

This weekend usually has me frothing at the mouth by Sunday night; the grossness of the whole thing, the inequality, the greed, the entire lack of ethics or morality prevalent throughout the Grand Prix crowd and the garbage it attracts has the capacity to make me want to commit murder. There are few things I despise more than Eurotrash – I group these people in with the lowest of the low within our species. I really feel like the city requires epic sanitization after they leave.

Yeah, I’m happy for the business owners and the staff collecting money from these idiots. Why not? They infest our city, dirty the air and atmosphere – only fitting they should pay for it.

I’m not a communist, I’m not even a socialist in any real sense but this kind of glaring, obscene waste of humanity and resources pisses me right, the hell, off. No wonder the rest of the world despises the West. People dying, starving, getting blown to bits while some plastic version of a human lays down $1000 for a room… Oh Great Spirit in the Sky? Toss down the chlorine – there’s so much work to be done on the gene pool and we really need to get this started yesterday…


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2 responses to “Grand Prix; OH NO…

  1. I even enjoy a good car race, and I agree with you. Unfortunately you can’t seem to have the one without the other. But I have to tell you something James said the other day that amused me. He was comparing racing done on complex Grand Prix courses, and street courses where the Indy races are done, to:

    “Those, um, other races which involve turning left”.

    Make me laugh out loud.

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