Life’s A Stew or La Vie, C’est Un Pot Au Feu

drinking gameA lot of people believe life is complicated; like an haute cuisine dish. Nope. It isn’t. There are a lot of ingredients but it’s more like a stew, a medley of a whole whack of things that can meld together to become something wonderful – you. You just have to ensure that one ingredient doesn’t overpower the rest of it.

It is really far too early on a beautiful Saturday morning for me to be up. We are having our roof done and the delivery truck has arrived; brought the dude a coffee while we wait for the actual roofer to arrive. My husband is outside chatting with the guy and that leaves me to my own devices for a while. Head out on our back deck for a smoke and to watch the morning rituals begin (Yes, I’m a smoker – I’m an unapologetic but polite smoker. I don’t smoke in my home; I don’t smoke in the homes of others.) Apparently, I am incapable of appreciating the Zen of a moment – the brain runs about willy-nilly – some form of mental ADHD…”OH LOOK! A CASTLE!!”

It has been a rough week at work. Perhaps that is why the brain is on overdrive – it was focused on problem solving all week and was not permitted the luxury of free form thought. At any rate, my mind wanders; it wandered to blog I read this morning describing depression. It was, pretty much, spot on but my gray matter did not want to stay put and moved on…

My sons are all in the trades – one is an air conditioning/heating technician – one is a heating tech with a specialization in oil and one is now a nationally licensed welder. Hubby is a truck driver; I’m the only one who works in an office environment and even I worked on a loading dock years ago. I prefer it to what I’m doing now, in all honesty. I am kind of linear – I see a problem and I need to fix it. I can look outside the box for the solution but a solution MUST be found, so yeah – I spend a good deal of time in a state of frustration. Life does not lend itself toward solutions; it is, however, EXCELLENT, at creating problems. For the past couple of weeks I have been working with India – where our accounting is located (I am exhibiting great self-control by not commenting further on THAT situation); it has been the ultimate lesson in patience and perhaps even futility. Time will tell. What should be dead easy has been turned into something akin to untying the Gordian Knot.

Back to my tradesmen sons; the two technicians, by virtue of their chosen professions, spend much of their time in other peoples’ homes. The stories that they tell…give you nightmares, make you wonder about humanity’s morals and just kind of leave you speechless. Well, not me – I’m rarely speechless if there is a keyboard within typing distance. One story sticks out in my mind and it makes me wish I could find the woman, smack her upside her wine soaked arrogant head; one of my sons is installing or repairing a unit of some sort – I can’t remember to be honest – the woman of the home was in the company of a couple of her female friends, drinking wine. She goes downstairs to where my son is working…and asks him if he’ll go upstairs and dance for them. Excuse me, you alcohol soaked pseudo-cougar???? Dance for you? Like a trained monkey? He’s put in over 7000 hours to learn his trade and you want him to “dance for you”?? You ignorant koorva! If your husband can’t fulfill you? Buy a dildo and stop being a slut. I hope to, one day, write up all the incredible things they see during a day – like basements littered with mouse carcasses, hoarders, houses where the walls move with roaches…women looking for action…men looking for action. Teenage girls looking to become jail bait. The list is endless and incredible.

It has been a trying week for a few of my friends – a couple of hysterectomies, an abdominal surgery…I am grateful for my health.

I have a reading to do this weekend; it will be a full one – complete personal, spiritual and work-a-day. These always leave me wiped out – I don’t know why but they do.

This is building up to be an epic allergy season; I am allergic to….well, pretty much everything that grows – trees, grass, flowers, weeds…allergy shots do nothing. The amount that they can safely inject is so small that it does no good and just leaves me with a sore, swollen arm for days. We agreed it was, pretty much, pointless. I take Aerius every day but even that has its limitations. I supplement with Benadryl. I tell ya – I was stolen, as a baby, by gypsies from the Caribbean and left here, as some kind of cruel joke. I do well in the Caribbean; I can actually smell things and breathe. I like breathing. It’s good. I tan in the Caribbean – I burn to lobster red up here. Go figure. If my company had offices down there? I be off in a shot, hubby, mother, dog and critters in tow.

Well, that’s it. Got my writing ya-ya’s out. Have a good one, people. Life is what you make it so make yourself a savoury pot au feu and enjoy the flavours.


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3 responses to “Life’s A Stew or La Vie, C’est Un Pot Au Feu

  1. Very stream of consciousness:)

    • Yup, I’ll be sitting in the lotus position anytime now and contemplating my navel. Actually no, I won’t – if I ever managed to actually attain the lotus position? I would be stuck there for eternity. And my navel? Pffff, haven’t seen it in years..wonder how it’s doing..

  2. Colleen

    I’m thinking the Caribbean is a pretty good idea. I do better there than here as well… and there is NOTHING like watching the ocean to soothe and calm the manic mind.

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