Luciferians vs Satanists – A Comedy

wiccaluciTruly? Do want a real giggle? Find a site where the Satanists jibber-jabber about the Luciferians; I tell ya – it is HIGHLY entertaining. ( See, the Satanists think the Luciferians are fluffy bunnies and the Luciferians think the Satanists are pubescent intellects governed by frustrated testosterone and zits. Okay, I’m paraphrasing because I think both camps are idiots.

The Satanists like to think of themselves as the wolves among the sheeple. The Luciferians seem to want to create a persona whereby they are above the wolves and the sheeple, looking down with distain. It’s just all around good fun.

It is similar to those Aryan nutbars and their battle against anyone without the gene mutation that creates light eyes and fair skin but less offensive. To me, anyway. The Aryans are truly dangerous; the Luciferians and the Satanists are, by and large, kiddies pretending they have some control, some power in their lives. Yeah, it is sad that they feel as if they have no control but hey, eventually they’ll grow out of their “Pull-Ups” and realize the only control anyone has would be over their own lives, is within their own thought processes, externally, there is very little actual control.

The basic premises of both is fine and dandy in theory but try pulling this shit in real life and see how far it gets you. Ask Anton…didn’t work so well for him. Mind you, he was a fake and a fraud, ( probably didn’t believe his own schtick and if he did? Then he was nuttier than I believe him to have been. He simply ripped off Aleister Crowley, Thelema and O.T.O. stuff – dumbed it down so that he and his wee followers could, kind of, understand it, then went on to do the whole P.T. Barnum thing. You know – the line about the “suckers”.

People amuse the hell out of me, they really do.



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  1. Just add glitter…..

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