Apparently, I HAVE to Drive 55

Time is unstoppable force and to that I say? Duh.

I am going to be 55, in a couple of days. I was feeling so magnanimous about the whole deal? I gave Canada the day off 😉

55. I can’t quite wrap my head around it. I go from being thrilled to being flummoxed. Where did the last ½ century plus go? I have now lived the absolute majority of my life.

I have lived, watched and at times, participated in some of the most tumultuous times in recorded history. I am among the first generation to have wars – civil and faraway – into my home. I watched as a little girl ran, naked, down a roughhewn road, burned from napalm. I watched as the south erupted into, inexplicable, warfare waged between humanity and inhumanity. My city became a locked down place of paranoia, hate and murder. Bombs exploding in mailboxes – death threats made against school children…this was the F.L.Q. crisis as stupid and absurd as the southern state of affairs in the state but on a far lesser scale. Same mentality – ignorance above all else.

I was part of the generation that found computers, invented the BBS system of social communication, and then, the internet. I watched as it all became a loaded gun, pointed at our heads because we have never quite caught up, intellectually, morally and ethically with the technology.

I was a part of the sexual revolution, I saw the beginning of the fight for gay rights across the nation.

The tail end of the tune in and turn off generation. Hallucinogens to widen consciousness. The rise of the drug culture and absurd “War on Drugs”. I saw the Kennedys rise and fall, I remember doing the whole “A” bomb drills; hiding under our desks when the siren went off. (Much derisive laughter at THAT particular exercise in futility).

I saw the Wall come down, the USSR ultimately splitting to pieces and freeing the land of my ancestors.

It’s been a hell of a ride. I regret nothing and I’m thankful for everything. It has been fast and furious. Will the remainder be the same? I have my beloved best friend at my side, my children have grown into fine young men and the new generation was born last October, in the form of Casey-Jade; anything that comes now? Icing on the cake, babies – icing on the cake.

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  1. And it’s only going to get better!

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