Der Geist der Zeit


Sychronicity gets a little scary. Further to the premise that the Western fantasy of an easy life was and always has been a fantasy came up on the Bill Maher show. I love that man. I don’t always agree with him but he is brilliant, funny and articulate, without being an annoying holier-than-thou asshat as is the case with more than a few of his guest panelists.

He did a monologue toward the end of his show about the state of the union; the crushing poverty, the hopelessness. He mentioned how McJobs are the norm as opposed to the exception and then he said something that simply astounded me, for someone so bright. I am going to paraphrase a bit because I cannot remember his exact words, “If you are rich, you should be begging the government to redistribute your wealth because you know what happens when there is this much disparity between the rich and the poor; kidnapping.”

Redistribute the wealth. Are you kidding me? If any government attempted to intervene in the finances of the very rich, they would be gone. The very rich have no patriotism; the only loyalty the very rich experience is loyalty to maintaining, at all costs, their net worth. Try to get them to hand over a few extra sheckles and they’ll be off to some tax shelter country faster than you can say Dolce and Gabanna.

We all fell in line with the Zeitgeist of happy, secure futures for all in the Western world. It was a fantasy created by government and their pillow friends, the money makers. Tell the populace they are happy; give ’em enough to buy a television and it’s all good. They will be quiet and do what we convince them they want to do.

They kept us all attached to their agenda by way of an umbilical cord that gave us just enough sustenance to satisfy minor cravings but leaving us all wanting more, thereby keeping us all toeing company lines and policies. Being good little worker bees because the tit may be offered again!!!

The dream fell apart. Hard to keep the worker bees in line when they have no work or when their work does not produce the required result that the dream must have, to exist.

And now, it is up to us. It is up to the worker bees to redefine what Zeitgeist is to be created. And Zeitgeist is always created – regardless of what the New Age philosophers try to tell you.

We all have to stand back, we need to look at our lives, do some comparisons with life in the rest of the world and try to create a place where we can survive on our own because the tit has been removed. The financial mothers have decided we are poor investments and moved their resources to cheaper shores, where there is a new crop of worker bees, starving for the milk of the moneyed boob.

We need to start scaling back and fast. Look at where we live, look at how we live and understand that we’ve behaved like morons. The house, the two cars, the mall shopping, the computers, the cell phones, the “away” vacations – they all have to go. We need to hold people accountable, governments and unions, corporations and non-profits – all the people who have been cheerfully pimping us and our imagined needs to the highest bidder. We have to learn, before it is too late and that day is not “in the future” but very, very near – we have to learn the difference between want and need. Something our ancestors understood perfectly but we, in our faux existence, have forgotten.

This is not doom and gloom. This is simply reality. No doom, no gloom – simply? It just is. There is no rescue in the last frame of the film. There is no Ironman or Superman poised to save our sorry asses. This is life. This is real and we all need to man up, we all need to accept our new spirit of existence. Survival.


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2 responses to “Der Geist der Zeit

  1. I think I can explain it though. Bill Maher, for all his insight, IS a rich man. No matter how well-intentioned anyone is, at any level, they really don’t “get” what is going on down below. I look at myself, I am sympatheic to the plight of the real poor. I throw my money at them, to coin a phrase. But I don’t “get” what their lives, their problems are. And even those who were once poor and have risen up, they forget.

    As part of this not understanding, as part of compassion, there is a strong compulsion to “do something”. As you know I have a particular passion for Victorian London, and there were a number of rich compassionate people at the time with a powerful urge to “do something”. This was against a background of a changing economy too. Their intentions were good, their methods were patchy, but they succeeded because at the time the conomy was on a slope up. They all patted themselves on the back for their achievements, without realising it would have happened anyway, due to the economic upward path.

    When economic woes came along in the mid-20th century, the plan to fix it was sound, and once again the plight pf the poorest was allieviated. This time the politicians patted themselves on the back for their direct action, when in fact, again, what was occurring was another economic slope upward.

    This time around we have an economic slope downward AND a political attitude of “let them eat cake”. There have always been corrupt, greedy people in charge, we just have more of it right now.

  2. Chalice! I replied and the bloody thing disappeared! The economic slope is a downhill flood. The rich, the politicians have managed to hide this from us but the leaking into the public consciousness has started and it won’t be long before everyone is on to them but by then? It will be too late, they will be gone, along with their money and our hope. It will be too late and really? Let’s face it, rich people are never held accountable unless they have enemies in their own camp. The absolute truth is that it is already too late. For every 1 container that we export? 500 are imported. And the contents are items we used to export, ourselves. We used to manufacture – ourselves. Imported goods need to be purchased from the exporter. If we are not exporting? Where is the money going to come from? It isn’t and there isn’t any. Entire countries are living on credit – loans and bail-outs. Deficit has become so common a term that nobody gives its true meaning a second thought. Nobody considers the ramifications of “deficit”. If you or I were in the same financial state as our governments? We would be homeless. The rich have moved their operations to under-developed and developing nations, quietly..without arousing too much suspicion but a look at what is leaving the country as goods to be purchased and what is coming IN to the country; the difference is or should be terrifying, even to the most dull of us. Its over. No one can pull our collective asses our of the economic fire. Our reign as an economic force is over, done – finished, gone.

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