black catMay well appear that way. Am I? Is it judgmental to speak truth? Not my truth but real truth – reality. The stuff Mom and Dad never told you. For example – you are not a princess or a gift to the world, you are simply another human being on a planet writhing with human beings. Odds are damn good that you will NOT be Prime Minister, the next movie or video star. The wall is high and treacherous on the climb to sports hero status; those walls lined with other Mommy and Daddy’s little darlings.

The truth is, life is a daily struggle, lesser struggle than those of our species living in Haiti, in Bangladesh, in Sudan but more of a struggle than those living in Beverly Hills or Rosedale, or on Mount Royal. It is hard. Life tries to knock you down at every turn it would seem but the measure of who you are doesn’t lie in how much you make. It doesn’t lie in some sort of ridiculous title. The measure of who you are, the thing that defines you now and will forever define you, is how you address adversity.

You don’t address adversity by running back home to Mommy and Daddy when the going gets tough. That is not how you should wish to be defined, as a child in an adult body, running home for protection. Your parents have done their job and now it is time for you to do yours, to establish your own existence.

It may mean years of struggle, of trying to save pennies and live without but that’s life. You do not have the right to live off the sweat of your parents. They earned their lives. You need to earn yours. You may not have as much as do they when you are older or if you’re smart, if you have initiative and drive, you may end up with more. The only thing that truly turns you into a loser, a grown up living off their own parents, is you. Tough nut to swallow but truth, regardless of what you’ve been led to believe, cannot be sugar coated.

A wide screen television and an internet connection are not life necessities. Nice to have but they need to be earned, not put on easy credit terms, which – by the way – are not easy at all. Money is not lent to you because Mastercard, American Express or Visa are angels of material mercy. They are in the business to make money…OFF of you. Try missing a couple of payments…won’t be long before you are not only deprived of what you bought but your credit rating will be in the toilet and more truth? That follows you a lot longer than you are told it does.

Your degree will not guarantee you a higher income – NEWS FLASH
– it didn’t guarantee the previous generation a better life either. What does guarantee you a better life, looks back at you in the mirror. The world is changing and I don’t mean system upgrades or a new IPod; the requirements of our economy are changing, it has changed and will continue to change. North America is no longer a continent that manufactures and exports more than it imports. We are importers, we have to buy from others what we used to make ourselves. Things we used to make that provided us with jobs, things that provided us with income. Greed and entitlement stepped in and business moved out. They moved to underdeveloped countries that were literally starved for money.

It isn’t terribly complicated to understand the broader implications – in order to import, we need money to purchase but how to we make this money if we no longer manufacture goods? Why don’t you think on that for a while and see what answer becomes clear…it should terrify you.

Life, the world, requires survivors, requires people with courage and backbone. Those without it? Well, the natural world around us is governed by one rule – survival of the fittest.

The fittest do not whine, do not complain, nor do they run back to the nest.

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  1. My harsh and judgemental is slightly different – but connected. I am sick of people complaining about being poor when they waste money on crap. Put yours and mine together and, well, there’s the western world.

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