Life, Love and Moving On Over


So, following the rather bleak themed post of earlier this morning – let’s move on, shall we? I give you this representation of my generation. This video epitomizes what we were led to believe would be our future. Sighhh. Media driven bullshit? Not really. This Age of Aquarius thing can exist, although only in our own minds, in our own little tiny section of the world.

Stock taking – I have a wonderful husband of 30+ years – funny, intelligent, articulate, honest, hardworking and above all, ethical. We share a cute and comfortable house in Montreal. I still have my Mother and she shares the above mentioned home, with us. Husband Dave and I both have jobs, not the highest paying but definitely good salaries that allow us to buy groceries when we need them, pay our bills and even manage to go out for dinner, once in a while. My kids have all flown the coop and are doing very well for themselves. I have my brother living close by, Dave has his sister also living close by. We are surrounded by the most important people in our world – our families.

We live in a relatively free society that allows us to come and go as we please. I, as a woman, unlike many of my gender, have the right to express myself, freely. I can do what I choose to do, dress how I choose to dress and I do not have to defer to anyone. I am a citizen of full rights and privileges, not shackled by my being born with a vagina and a womb.

Thanks to my parents, I am a strong woman. I don’t take shit from anyone. I was raised to believe that I am an equal. To believe that this is an unalterable given.

I am not fearful that I will not have sustenance tomorrow. I am not fearful that I will have no water to drink. I am among the world’s privileged class and at no time will I ever take this for granted. I know what I have and I am thankful every minute of every day.

I don’t love my fellow man unless said fellow man shows themselves worthy of that emotion. I do not respect my fellow man, unless said respect is earned. I am ethical, I am moral and I will not commit to any cause that infringes on the rights and privileges of anyone else.

And these are the things that I have in my infinitesimal part of this globe. And that’s fine. I will make my world what it should be and expect the rest of the world to do the same, as is their CHOICE.


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2 responses to “Life, Love and Moving On Over

  1. I believe that a society as exemplified by the Aquarius song was at one time possible, were it not for the greed of the human race. But greed seems to be part of human nature, even for those who have more money than they could conceivably spend even over several human lifetimes.

    45 years ago, things in the world seemed to be improving, but every technological advancement seemed to make things worse. Computers and robotics were supposed to make workers more productive, resulting in more leisure time. Instead, business just used this increased productivity as an excuse to fire a lot of workers, so that profits could be increased instead. So the net result of these technological advances was just more unemployment.

    And then some geniuses invented the ultimate doomsday device. They started to move their factories out of developed countries into third world countries which had lower wages and worse working conditions. This resulted in huge increases in corporate profits. But as the last week’s events have shown, the increased profits weren’t the only result. The recent building collapse in Bangladesh has now resulted in 4 times the number of deaths as the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire:

    And there is no easy solution to the problem. Most governments seem to be too corrupt to do anything to solve these problems, and revolutions as a rule usually fail to acheive the desired result.

  2. As usual, correct and thought provoking, Jack. Some will ask “But we know the problems! How do we fix it?” There are things that simply cannot be fixed. The global crisis of greed, avarice and arrogance would be one of those things that cannot be fixed at this point.

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