Humanity – The Most Pathetic of Species

SyriaI am going to stop reading the news.  No more headlines from Reuters or CNN , no more television daily recap at 18:00; that’s it – I cannot take anymore.  Israel, that country above reproach lest one be accused of Antisemitism, has twice bombed another country, Syria.  Justifiable in the eyes of the Israeli military, eyes clouded by the oppressing air of absolutism that permeates the government.  IMO taking advantage of the dark days of civil war under which the civilians are living.  Shameful. I don’t care who you are – Israel – Palestine – Iran – Iraq and absolutely, the United States, you do not bomb another nation unless you are in a state of declared war.  

A child, it would appear, murdered in a daycare, in Calgary.  A place where parents believe their children to be safe.  Or the pedophile given free and easy access to children in Pierrefonds, Quebec as his wife owned and operated a daycare.

The sickening and heart wrenching story out of Brome, Quebec; a dog, shot in the head twice, bludgeoned and then finally had a chain wrapped around his neck, attached to a cinder block and thrown into a body of water, where he finally drowned.

Quebec government and its continued attempts at ethnic cleansing, under the world’s radar.  No, they aren’t killing anyone but they are attempting to marginalize through the continued government sanctioned eroding of human rights in the province.  Own a business?  You are not permitted to operate in any language but French – sure, its your money but that doesn’t matter.  You must invest in all French software, even though your clients – all over the world, including France, use English software.  You are not permitted to choose how your children are educated. History books reflecting out and out falsehoods.  If you operate a commercial web business out of Quebec, it must be in French – even though the business world on the web operates in English.  Services to communities, including infrastructure, where the community is designated as having a high English population is ignored.  English medical services are limited to English institutions which are seeing their funding cut and must rely on donations from the community at large.

A 19 year old kid, convinced by the insane to bomb a public event, resulting in the murder of another child, a younger child and the maiming of countless others.

A 17 year old soccer player, punches a referee and the referee dies as a result.

Magnotta – enough said there.  Ugly little shit.

I simply cannot take anymore of this.  I try to remain optimistic.  For someone in my age group, optimism is a mountain that must be climbed daily.  We were the first generation to watch man’s inhumanity to man beamed into our homes, through television.  We grew up trying to make a difference only to be stepped on by the rich, by the powerful as they protected their own interests, which included collateral damage to the populace, to wit – Union Carbide in India, Love Canal in the U.S.  3 Mile Island.  And now, the explosion in Texas.

The only type of change possible in this world can only come about with “like action.”  There can be no Ghandi type of change – the world is too sick and too controlled for that anymore.  For change to happen, there would need to be a global uprising and we are all too busy simply trying to survive.

No.  No more news.  I can’t change a goddam thing, I’ve seen too much of the hidden structures to believe that any change is possible.  So, I will live my life, protect my family and the rest of the world would be well advised to do the same.  We are a pathetic species.

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