Junk and Stuff

collected works of ACWe’re doing the suburban spring ritual; a yard sale. I don’t like yard sales. I don’t like those “Early Bird” flea market dealers who invade your space regardless of whether or not your ad says “NO EARLY BIRDS!!” Watching people paw your stuff..the whole being cordial and friendly thing. I don’t do cordial and friendly outside of my workplace. I am PAID and very well, to be cordial and friendly. Its a job. This is my home, there is a big difference. I like my life quiet and private. No cocktail parties, no coffee katsches, no clubs, no organizations; been there, done that and hated it.

I have a largish collection of Neo-Pagan books that are of no use to me anymore. Do I sell them or do I hang on to them for the family? Family doesn’t need them anymore than do I. They know their stuff. Hate to get rid of them though; took years to amass the collection.

For example, I have the Collective Works of Aleister Crowley, volumes 1 through 3. They are from a private library and I bought them for a ridiculously low price from someone who had no idea what they were selling. Surviving relative or something. I have read the books and I can’t say I’m a fan. I don’t like poetry at all and Crowley’s stuff is simply not all that good. Crowleyites are screaming obscenities at me, by this admission. No. He was not a poet. He thought he was but that stuff is amateurish and he seems to be trying to copy other poets of his time period with the styling. Whatever…do I sell them? Not a garage sale, for sure. I may not like the stuff but I have too much respect for the man to allow, as I’m sure he would think, the “rabble” pawing at this works.

What constitutes something that should be kept? This question always leaves me flummoxed…I have stuff and junk. I don’t like junk. What is the difference between stuff and junk? I’m not a real fan of bric a brac; ornaments and such. I have Wedgewood from my grandmother. I don’t like Wedgewood. I have sketches from various artists of some repute – I don’t like them either. I have videos, don’t watch ’em. I prefer DVD’s. There are boxes downstairs, in the Man Cave. I haven’t gone through them in years, therefore, to me? If I haven’t needed whatever they contain, I don’t need to have the stuff hanging around, taking up space.

I don’t like clutter and right now, I feel like my house is cluttered. Relatives have passed on and I received some of their property. It was THEIR property and I don’t know that having it in my house is supposed to mean anything. I mean, I loved them, I remember them, I don’t need a physical reminder of their existence.

I really have to get my definitions straight and soon. The hubby would like to do the sale next weekend.


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6 responses to “Junk and Stuff

  1. Colleen

    OH OH OH>…. I will give your Wedgewood a VERY good home. I LOVE WEDGEWOOD!
    Is it the cobalt blue??

  2. Books? *grins* I would gladly add them to my collection…

  3. Selling books has to be done locally, or the shipping costs put people off. It never occurs to them it’s cheaper than the gas costs of trying to find obscure old books at good prices. Maybe Kijiji.

    I don’t do yard sales and that’s the end of it.

    • That works wonderfully if you live in an area where people share your interests…sadly, romances and ‘true crime’ novels are what is widely available here.
      The library recently had a book sale…getting rid of all books that put East Indians in a bad light. Given that our mill has been purchased by a group from India….lol

  4. My Kyle (to differentiate from your Kyle) bought the collected works of Crowley at a used book store in Toronto. He spends hours every week in used books stores. He thought it a great discovery. You live in a big city. Take any and all of your books you don’t want anymore and let them become someone else’s treasure.
    I thought I had decluttered throughout our renovation. I learned what decluttering really was after our flood. Now this place is so clean I cannot abide any clutter or junk or “we’ll just store it for now” in this house at all. If it is not out and in use and has not been touched or looked at in one full year, it is gone.
    I offer it to all my sister’s. Then I offer it to all the kids in the family now living it on their own. Then I offer it to friends. Then it is sold or garbaged.
    It cannot be kept forever because the fact is someday, someone, has to throw it away. It may as well be you.
    Now, looking at going in to an apartment in four years Tom and I feel we can easily downsize this house into an apartment or condo.
    Tom’s garage however is a different story. I do have to say though, for the first time ever he has actually reached a place in his head where he can do that and he is starting to look at it and clean it out.
    We are going to be having lots of tools and camping equipment to sell over the next couple of years.

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